Tall Mens Fashion Advice

Hey, I'm Tall Paul!

You may also call me Paul Marlow.

Tall Paul is a website that reviews tall men’s clothing, shows how to style tall men looks and keep clothes clean and kept in good shape to last you a long time.

I started this blog because I have never felt like I had anyone in my corner as I try to find clothes and clothing styles that work for my body. Looking and feeling awkward in my clothing choices not only affected my confidence but it had a direct affect on my mental health.

This blog is here to fill the void in the tall men’s fashion industry and help you feel awesome in what you wear everyday. Our female counterparts have done an amazing job growing their niche and the clothing companies have listened, while we men have been stuck with Mr. Big & Tall for ages. We fit many more sizes than that, and I’m here to help you find your size and style to work with.

How tall is Tall Paul?

I am 6’7 feet tall or 201cm.

Proud Canadian, growing up in Vancouver, BC!

Athletics - Anxiety - Loss

Over the years I have done many things. Growing up I was fully focused on my athletics, getting drafted by the Toronto Blue Jays in the MLB and then becoming the first two sport athlete at LSUS down in Shreveport Louisiana. Post college I have spent time modeling, taken part in the movie industry as an actor and was a personal trainer for 10 plus years.

In the last few years my life changed course in a way I never thought would happen. I lost my dad to a battle with Parkinson’s disease and cancer. Seeing him waste away to nothing right in front of my eyes sent me down a spiral of depression and anxiety. For 18 months I was in such a depressed state I didn’t know how to live a normal life, but through hard work with multiple therapists and a day to day focus on getting better, I found my way back. I shared my journey through this hard time, in hopes to inspire others and it has grown into the mental health help website Never Alone. Where I share helpful tips, inspirational stories and informative blogs on all aspects of mental health to inspire others just like me.

Growing Up Clothes Never Fit Me

Being 6’7 I can never remember a time I was able to buy anything off the rack.

Keeping with the topic of mental health, I remember clearly going shopping as a teenager and seeing clothing after clothing that I wanted to wear in the stores.

However there were only two outcomes that would come, one being I would try on the pieces and they would be either too short or too skinny. Or, what would happen most of the time, the salesperson would say they didn’t have my size.

Shop after shop, year after year this would happen. It was frustrating, socially awkward and depressing.

I Found Confidence in Myself...

As I grew older, I started finding brands and styles that allowed me to wear the clothes that I felt confident in. As my confidence grew my ability to wear new styles grew as well.

This confidence didn’t solely rely on what fabric I put on my body, but it had a lot do with the mental and physical effort I put into building up my body and my mind.

Let me explain more on that!

Working Out & Healthy Lifestyle

I’ve been an athlete since I started playing soccer at age 7. But it wasn’t until I was 21 that I lifted my first weight at College in Texas.

Throughout high school and my first years of post-secondary school, I always felt uncomfortable in my long, lean body and was often referred to as a ‘skinny’ body.

At the start of that college season, I was 210bs. By the end of that season, I had put on almost 20 lbs, weighing just shy of 230lb.

The confidence this gave me was something I had never felt before. People looked at me differently, and I walked around in my skin with a stronger sense of pride.

This was my first step into seeing the value of working on myself physically to help address the struggles I felt.

Mental Health & Personal Growth

Growing up, I suffered from constant anxiety and stress due to my size, but from 2017-2022, a different level of mental health struggle happened.

From a tough relationship that led to C-PTSD quickly followed by my father getting Parkinson’s disease and passing away from a sudden bout of cancer.

I completely fell apart during this time, but instead of giving up on life, I took it as a challenge to find ways to build myself up again.

Finding happiness again was a challenging and arduous path that took five years, but in the end, the mental health growth I sought has positively affected my outlook on life as a tall man.

On top of helping myself feel mentally stronger, I created a place for others to find happiness again by starting Never Alone.