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    Fashion and Style for Tall Men

    Here you will find honest, in-depth, advice for men that are taller than the male model standard the fashion industry creates its clothing off of. From styling to grooming and overall confidence in owning your height, we have you covered :

    Clothing Care for Tall Men

    Make sure the clothes you love to wear last as long as they can with the proper clothing care. I guide you step-by-step through the most sought-after questions on “How to” take care of your wardrobe.

    Tailoring and Alterations for Tall Men

    Welcome to the most in-depth tailoring and alteration guides for Tall Men and Big & Tall men. With our step-by-step guides and detailed Youtube videos, you will be able to fit any piece of clothing you want to add to your wardrobe.

    Hey, I'm Paul.

    I’m Paul Marlow, but I go by Tall Paul. I started this blog for tall men, because I have never felt like I had anyone in my corner as I try to find clothes and clothing styles that work for my tall & lean body. In the past, looking and feeling awkward in my clothing choices not only affected my confidence but it had a direct affect on my mental health. My goal is to help the millions of men built like me, who have been forgotten about by the fashion industry.

    Tall Mens Clothing Tips For The 6’3+

    Here fill the void in the Tall Mens Fashion industry and help you feel awesome in what you wear everyday.