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Why is Denim Blue? This is Why

This is why your denim jeans are blue.

Why is Denim Blue?

Natural Dye

Blue has been the default color for denim since before Levi’s patented workers’ trousers with rivets. From dyes to natural colours and even a mix of a specific plant are the reason why your denim is blue.

This is Why is Denim Blue? This is Why.

You have probably noticed that more than 90% of the jeans you see daily are blue or a shade of that color. 

Sure there are a few black denim, red denim, grey denim and heck, maybe an odd pink denim pair of jeans. 

So, what colour is denim really? and ‘why is denim blue,’ you ask.

Why is Denim Blue?

Denim is blue because it is traditionally dyed with indigo dye. Indigo is a natural dye extracted from the indigo plant (indigofera tinctoria), which is native to the tropical regions of Asia and Africa. 

The indigo dye is applied to the denim yarns in a process called “rope-dyeing.” This process is where the yarns are twisted into ropes and then dipped into the indigo dye. The yarns are then left to oxidize, which causes the indigo to bond to the fibres. The more the yarns are submerged in the dye bath, the deeper the shade of blue.

Indigo dye is known for its rich, deep color and ability to resist fading. This makes it an excellent choice for denim, as the fabric is known for its durability and long-lasting color. 

Additionally, indigo dye has been used for centuries to dye denim, making it an essential part of the history and tradition of denim production.


Denim is blue because of the indigo dye applied when rope-dyeing.

Jeans were initially designed to be durable workwear for miners and cowboys. The color blue was chosen because indigo dye, a blue dye, was readily available and durable. This is how blue became the traditional color for denim.

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