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What to Wear Under Board Shorts: 4 Options

Learn what to wear under board shorts

What to Wear Under Board Shorts

Swim Trunks

If the pair of board shorts has a liner in it then you do not need to wear anything else. Board shorts are made to be worn with no liner or other articles of clothing below them, because they can get in the way and also cause irritation. However, a pair of compression shorts or boxer briefs will fit under your shorts if you want to add a bit of extra structure.

This is What to Wear Under Board Shorts: 4 Options.

Welcome to our article helping you decide what to wear under your board shorts. 

Unlike other swim trunks, board shorts have a lot more room underneath that fabric due to the length and bagginess of the shorts. These characteristics allow the board shorts to dry faster while giving you more room to be active in your surfing, swimming, running or gym workout routines. 

That said, the extra room gives us males a bit of an issue. Are we comfortable letting our private parts move freely in the roomy shorts, or do we want something snug to keep things in place? 

If your wanting to find out if you should wear underwear under your swim trunks (that are not board shorts) we got you covered.

Let me help you decide what to wear under your board shorts, if anything at all!

What to Wear Under Board Shorts

Before choosing what to wear under your board shorts, I must tell you that adding extra layers may cause uncomfortable movements and rashing.  

Adding an inner layer of fabric (especially cotton) when wet can lead to bunch and rubbing on your legs and pelvis.

1. Wear Board Shorts with Liners

Finding a pair of board shorts with a liner will answer your problem best if you can find one. However, traditional board shorts do not have a liner in them. Surfer dudes don’t want any part of a liner because it will do more harm than good when hitting a wave.

2. Wear Nothing (Go Commando)

Try wearing nothing under your board shorts and see if you feel comfortable in them at the end of the day. The brand/designers made board shorts to be worn with nothing under them. It is always best practice to use a product exactly how the creators designed it.

3. Wear Compressions Shorts

If you are looking for the structure under the board shorts, the best piece of clothing you can try first is a pair of compression shorts. Grab your baseball, basketball, hockey or hockey compression shorts and try them. 

If you don’t have a pair of compression shorts, that’s no problem. You can easily find them online with Nike, Reebok, Adidas or other sporting goods brands.

4. Wear Underwear

Lastly, wear a pair of your boxer briefs, briefs or trunks. Putting on a pair of underwear will be the most straightforward answer to your problem, but it can also lead to the most discomfort. When cotton gets wet, it will bunch up and stick to your skin, making it rub over and over. 

Wearing underwear under your board shorts will give you the highest percent chance of creating irritation and rashes before the day of fun on the water is over.

What to Wear Under Board Shorts FAQ

The best option is to wear nothing at all and go commando. You risk creating rashes when you wear boxers, compressions shorts, or any other article of clothing below boardshorts.

No, you do not wear a swimsuit under your board shorts. Choose one swim trunk and wear it with confidence.

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Tall Paul
Tall Paul
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