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What Size Shoe Laces do I need? Quick Fix

Learn how to size your shoelaces off of your shoes.

What Size Shoe Laces do I need?

Shoelace Replacement

There are three ways to find out what size shoelaces you will need for a specific pair of foot wear. One is to measure the old pair of shoelaces. Two is to thread a string through your shoes and measure the length you desire. And thirdly, count the eyelets then divide that number by two and check our shoelace size guide.

This is What Size Shoe Laces do I need? Quick Fix.

Welcome to our article to help determine the length of shoe laces you need.

This will be helpful if you have snapped your shoelaces or broken an aglet(how to replace aglets) while tying it up. Or maybe your shoelaces have gotten so dirty that putting them into the wash isn’t cleaning them anymore, and you tossed them without thinking about getting their measurements. 

If cleaning your shoes and shoelaces is the reason for this change, have you done your best to wash them before tossing them?

What Size Shoe Laces do I need?

There are multiple ways to find the right size of shoelace you want. Follow our steps below and remember what type of shoe you are putting them in, in case you want to add an extra inch or two.

1. How to Find Shoe Lace Size Using Eyelets

  1. Count the exact number of eyelets on one shoe and divide by 2 to know how many pairs of eyelets your shoe has.
  2. Find the number of pairs of eyelets in the chart below and the coordinating length in inches or centimetres.

2. How to Find Shoelace Size Using String

Find a piece of string and lace it through your shoes until its reaches the length you would like your shoelaces to be. Measure that length, and use that to buy your laces.

Shoe Lace Length Chart

Pairs of eyelets Length in inches Length in centimeters
4 27" 69cm
5 36" 91cm
6 40" 102cm
7 45" 114cm
8 54" 137cm
9 63" 106cm
10 72" 183cm

What Size Shoe Laces do I need FAQ

To know what size shoelaces to buy, you can count the eyelets and divide them by two or put a string through your shoes to see the length needed.

To determine how long your shoelaces need to be, you will want to count the eyelets and then divide them by two. Then check our shoelace size guide to see what length that is.

Shoelaces for a size 7 shoe is 45″ / 114cm.

Shoes-laces for a size 10 shoe is 63″ / 160cm.

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