Men’s jogger pants are comfortable, stylish, and easy to wear. 

Joggers are tight fitting tapered pants that give your body a long and slim look, which means light, low, and sleek shoes are the best for pairing with joggers.

Joggers are short fitting pants, and the bottom of your joggers should never touch the top of your shoe. If your joggers are too long you may want to buy a new size or learn how to hem joggers.

Understand how are joggers supposed to fit before your purchase.

Since the bottom of your joggers ends higher up on your ankle than sweatpants or jeans normally would, it is generally advised to stay away from high top or bulky shoes when creating an outfit around joggers.  

Joggers are meant to be paired with runners, sneakers, loafers, leather shoes, and mules. Read below to find our suggestions on the best shoes to wear with every style of jogger pants

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What Shoes to Wear With Joggers

What Shoes To Wear With Joggers

Read our style advice below to find 7 different ideas for what shoes to wear with joggers

Whatever shoes you choose to wear make sure they are clean. While your washing your shoes, clean your shoelaces separately, they deserve their own attention. Read our specific guides for shoe care.

1. What shoes to wear with black joggers

Black joggers are easy to dress up because black joggers go with almost anything. For a nice, clean, and simple look, pair your black joggers with these coal and ash grey Guresu sneakers from Reebok.

Read our guide how to wear joggers fashionably to pair your black joggers properly.


Guresu 1.0 sneakers

  • Coal and Ash Gray Color Wave
  • $50.00 USD
black reebok shoes with joggers

2. What shoes to wear with camo joggers

White Nike Air Force 1s are an extremely versatile shoe that can be worn with everything from basketball shorts, to suits, to sweatpants, to joggers. 

Camo joggers and white Nikes are a very nice, sharp, and relaxed look, and the perfect type of outfit for looking good while running errands around town on the weekends. 


Nike Air Force 1 Low

  • ’07 Summit White
  • $128.00 USD
White nike air force 1s

3. What sneakers to wear with athletic joggers

Running shoes and jogger pants go together like copy and paste, especially since  joggers were originally made for track athletes to wear while training. 

We picked this sleek ZoomX running shoe from Nike, although any good pair of runners will look sharp with a nice pair of athletic joggers. 

Read our guide what to wear with joggers to pair your sneakers with style.


ZoomX StreakFly

  • White Flash Crimson Hyper Violet
  • $232.00 USD
Nike ZoomX StreakFly

4. What shoes to wear with dressy joggers

Paul Smith makes these black leather “Beck” sneakers which match wonderfully with dressy and smart joggers. 

By pairing these shoes with a nice shirt and a sharp pair of smart joggers, you will likely be business casual enough to wear joggers to work. 

Read our guide how to dress up joggers to be fashionable for any event.

Paul Smith

Beck Sneakers

  • Men’s Black Leather Sneakers with White Soles
  • $425.00 USD
Paul Smith Black leather shoes for men

5. What shoes to wear with denim joggers

Wether its denim jeans or denim joggers the Adidas Superstar shoe is always a perfect match!

Match your stylish denim joggers with these classic, timeless, and dependable Superstar Shoes from Adidas to create a clean and effortless look.  



  • White
  • $96.00 USD
adidas superstar shoes white

6. What shoes to wear with leather joggers

Not everyone is going to wear a pair of leather joggers in their lifetime, but if you do, try wearing them with these classic Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars


Chuck Taylor All Star Low Top

  • Black
  • $56.00 USD
converse chuck taylor shoes mens black

7. What shoes to wear with khaki joggers

Khaki joggers are laid back but still mean business, which means we need a fun, but serious shoe to match the vibe.

These Men’s Pilo Shoes from Tommy can be worn with a business casual jogger outfit, but could also be worn with your everyday joggers. This is a versatile shoe with a classic look and a little extra color to smoothly match your khaki joggers. 


Men’s Pilo

  • White
  • $110.00 USD
Tommy mens pilo shoe in white

How To Wear Joggers To Work

It would be nearly impossible to style athletic joggers so that they would become acceptable fashion in a work setting. We can however create a business casual look by pairing smart joggers with the right outfit choices. 

Smart joggers are affordable, lightweight, fashionable, and extremely comfortable. Smart joggers make a great addition to business casual outfits because of the variety of items they can be paired with. 

Black pinstripe joggers for example can be paired with a relaxed fit white linen dress shirt and a pair of comfortable white sneakers, for a clean and comfortable look in while in the office. 

We take you through the best styling tips for work here with how to wear joggers to work.

How To Style Joggers

Joggers are slim fitting tapered pants that should be paired with slim, fitted, and lengthy clothing. 

One of the best items you can have as a piece of staple clothing to pair with your joggers are tall and slim plain t-shirts. When you have some black, white, or neutral color tall slim t-shirts, it will become very easy to create outfits around your joggers. 

Leather jackets, bomber jackets, hoodies, trench coats, shirts and sweaters are all also very good to make your joggers fashionable. Try playing around with different color matches as well as different fabrics and textures.  

Style your outfit right with our guide how to style joggers for men.

How To Wash Joggers

Before you place your joggers into the wash you should first turn them inside out to protect the fabric on the outside of the pants, as well as to expose the dirty inside of the pants to the washing detergent.  

Most joggers are made from either a cotton or polyester based blended fabric, which means it is preferable to wash them while using the delicate cold water setting while in the washing machine. Washing your joggers on the hot water setting will likely lead to shrinkage or damage to the fabric of your joggers. 

After washing, either lay your joggers to dry flat or hang to dry (line dry), as this will preserve the quality of your joggers for a longer period of time. You can find others ways to dry your joggers without a dryer as well.

If you want to use the dryer to dry your joggers, adjust the tumble dry settings to air dry or tumble dry low. Tumble dry medium and tumble dry high use hot temperatures to dry your joggers, which could also lead to shrinkage and damage. 

You should tie the drawstring of your joggers when washing and drying so it doesn’t get pulled out. If it does, read our article on how to put string back in joggers.

Once your joggers are washed, treat them with care and they will last longer. To do this, simply fold your joggers and put them away where they belong.

We have two articles, depending on how much choice you want: How to wash joggers & How to wash joggers in the washing machine.


The type of shoes you wear with joggers depends on the style of joggers you are wearing as well as the occasion you are dressing for. If you are wearing athletic joggers to goto the gym then you would likely want to wear running shoes. If you are wearing camo joggers and meeting a friend for lunch, then you might want to wear black or white casual sneakers. 

To find the correct pair of shoes to wear with your joggers you should consider the color and style of your joggers as well as what you are dressing for. Wearing a pair of low cut white sneakers is always the easiest choice to pair with your joggers, as low white sneakers are extremely versatile and can be paired with almost anything. 

Joggers can be paired with a wide range of clothing garments including slim long t-shirts, relaxed linen dress shirts, trench coats, knit sweats, hoodies and leather jackets. Joggers can also be paired with a wide range of shoes including sneakers, mules, loafers, and dress shoes. 

Joggers are versatile and can be worn with a variety of different tops including leather jackets, bomber jackets, sweaters, hoodies, t-shirts, trench coats, and relaxed fit dress shirts.