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What is the end of a Shoelace Called? An …

Welcome to the world of aglets.

What is the end of a Shoelace Called?

Shoelace Tip

The end of your shoelace is called an ‘aglet.’ This plastic or metal tip can be slid onto your shoelace with a stopper or molded to your lace. It is there to make sure the shoelace doesn’t unravel, while it also makes it easier to thread your laces through the shoes eyelets.

What is the end of a Shoelace Called? An …

The word is “aglet.”

What is the end of a Shoelace Called?

The end piece on your shoelace is called an aglet. The aglet can be made out of plastic or metal. 

What is the Purpose of an Aglet?

The aglet’s purpose is to allow you to handle your shoelaces with more comfort.

  1. Aglet’s provide a secure end to the shoelace, making sure the lace doesn’t unravel once laced up.
  2. Aglet’s allow you to thread your shoes more efficiently instead of pushing frayed ends through the eye holes.
  3. Aglet’s can add more style to your shoes and colours.

Types of Aglet's: 3

Aglet’s will come in two types of material and two types of styles.

1. Plastic Aglet's

Plastic aglet’s are the most common. They are cheap qulaity, easy to produce and can be made into any color with ease. You will find these on athletic shoes, workout shoes and majority of lifestyle shoes

2. Metal Aglets

Metal aglet’s are more durable than plastic aglet’s. These aglet’s will last longer and hold not scratch as easily as plastic. Howevre they cost the shoe company to produce, hence why they are not used as often.

3. Molded Tip Aglets

Molded tips aglets are made from metal. These are needed when using a shoelace that is made from polyester.

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