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What is Slub Denim? Types of Denim

Learn what Slub Denim is compared to other types of denim.

What is Slub Denim?

Types of Denim

Slub denim is one of the many different types of denim used when making your denim jeans, denim jackets, denim overalls or all other garments. Slub denim will give you that unique vintage look your after.

This is What is Slub Denim? Types of Denim.

Hey guys, I have created this article to help you take your denim fashion to another level. For most of you reading this, you are here because you want to buy a new pair of jeans.

I have put together a deep index on all things denim and jeans, but for now, let me answer the question: What is slub denim?

What is Slub Denim?

Slub denim is a type of denim fabric with irregular, thick yarns in the warp and/or weft, creating a textured, uneven surface with a slightly rough feel. This gives the fabric a unique, vintage look and makes it more breathable and comfortable to wear.


Slubby selvedge refers to a type of denim fabric that has a rough, uneven texture and is woven on a shuttle loom with a self-finished edge (selvedge). The term “slubby” refers to the irregular bumps and knots that are characteristic of this type of fabric.

Slub is a type of yarn that’s thickened in random areas of a finished fabric. Some yarns can be spun at increasing and decreasing levels of tension, and would be described as ‘slubby’.

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