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What is Distressed Denim? Types of Denim

Learn what Distressed Denim is compared to other types of denim.

What is Distressed Denim?

Types of Denim

Distressed denim is one of the many different types of denim used when making your denim jeans, denim jackets, denim overalls or all other garments. This will help you create that worn-in, vintage look you have been seeking.

This is What is Distressed Denim? Types of Denim.

Hey guys, I have created this article to help you take your denim fashion to another level. For most of you reading this, you are here because you want to buy a new pair of jeans.

I have put together a deep index on all things denim and jeans, but for now, let me answer the question: What is distressed denim?

What is Distressed Denim?

Distressed denim is a style of denim that has intentionally been made to look aged or worn through various techniques such as sanding, scraping, fraying, or chemical treatments. The result is denim with a worn-in, vintage look and feel, featuring faded spots, creases, and holes in various places. Distressed denim is often used for casual and trendy styles, and it is sometimes associated with a more rebellious or grunge-inspired aesthetic.


Jeans are called “distressed” because they have been intentionally treated to create a worn, aged, or weathered appearance. The idea is to create the impression that the jeans have been well-worn over time, even if they are brand new.

The difference between ripped jeans and distressed jeans is ripped jeans are jeans with holes or tears intentionally created in the fabric, while distressed jeans have been treated to look worn or weathered but may not necessarily have any holes or tears.

In clothing, “distressed” refers to intentionally creating a worn, aged, or weathered appearance on a garment. The goal of distressing is to give a new item of clothing the appearance of being well-worn and well-loved, even though it is brand new.

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