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What is Dark Denim? Types of Denim

Learn what Dark Denim is compared to other types of denim.

What is Dark Denim?

Types of Denim

Dark denim is one of the many different types of denim used when making your denim jeans, denim jackets, denim overalls or all other garments. However the dark color is not black, its actually a very deep blue.

This is What is Dark Denim? Types of Denim.

Hey guys, I have created this article to help you take your denim fashion to another level. For most of you reading this, you are here because you want to buy a new pair of jeans.

I have put together a deep index on all things denim and jeans, but for now, let me answer the question: What is dark denim?

What is Dark Denim?

Dark denim is a type of denim fabric that is characterized by its deep, rich indigo color. The dark color is achieved by using a higher concentration of indigo dye during the fabric’s production process. Dark denim is often associated with a more formal or dressy look, and it can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. It is often used for more sophisticated styles of denim apparel, such as dress pants, jackets, or suits, and can also be used for casual wear, such as dark denim jeans. Dark denim may also be referred to as raw denim or dry denim if it has not undergone any washing or treatments after being dyed.


Dark denim is also commonly referred to as “indigo denim” or “raw denim”. Indigo denim gets its name from the natural plant-based indigo dye used to color the denim fabric, while raw denim refers to denim that has not been washed or treated after being dyed, giving it a darker, more uniform color.

No, dark denim is not black. While dark denim can appear almost black in certain lighting or at a distance, it is typically a deep shade of blue.

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