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What Is An Outseam?

The term “outseam” refers to a measurement or a feature found in certain types of clothing, particularly pants, and trousers. The outseam is the length of the outer side seam of a garment, starting from the waistband or top of the pants down to the bottom hem or cuff.

The outseam measurement is typically taken along the outer edge of the pant leg, running vertically from the hip or waist area to the ankle or the desired length of the pants. It is an important measurement in determining the overall length and fit of pants, especially when selecting the appropriate size or tailoring pants to a specific length.

The outseam measurement is often provided alongside other measurements, such as the inseam (the length along the inseam of the pant leg) and the waist size, to help individuals choose pants that fit correctly and comfortably.

Learn how to measure the outseam.

what is an outseam


An outseam measurement measures from the top of the waistband along the outside of the pant to the cuff.

The outseam measures the outer pant leg (waistband to cuff), and the inseam is the measurement of the inner pant leg (crotch to cuff.)

The outseam means that the measurement was taken from the waistband to the cuff of the pant leg.