Understanding all the terms and areas needed to measure when online shopping is difficult for a beginner. Like, what is an inseam? How do I measure my neck size? How do I measure my chest size?

Don’t worry. I got you covered. 

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What Is An Inseam?

An inseam refers to the measurement of the inner length of a garment, typically used to determine the length of pants or trousers. It is the distance between the crotch seam (where the two legs of the pants are sewn together) and the bottom of the leg opening. The inseam measurement is essential for ensuring the proper fit and length of pants, especially when selecting the appropriate size or getting pants tailored.

This is a photo of an inseam being measure

Inseam measurements

Knowing how to measure an inseam is valuable for finding well-fitting pants. With this skill, you can determine the ideal length of pants, ensuring they neither drag on the ground nor appear too short. It empowers you to make informed clothing choices, avoid ill-fitting garments, and achieve a polished, comfortable look.

1. How to measure shorts inseam

Measuring the inseam on shorts helps determine their length and ensures a desired fit. It allows you to choose shorts that are neither long nor short, resulting in comfortable and stylish summer attire.

2. How to measure inseam on jeans

Measuring the inseam on jeans helps you find the perfect length for your legs, ensuring a flattering and comfortable fit. It enables you to choose jeans that are neither too long nor too short, enhancing your overall style and confidence.


A 30-inch inseam means the length of your jeans from crotch to pant cuff is 30 inches long.

A 32-inch inseam means the length of your jeans from crotch to pant cuff is 32 inches long.

With a 26-inch inseam, you will most likely be 5’6″ or 167.5cm tall.