Please don’t make the mistake I have made countless times, putting on the wrong tumble dry setting and ending up with a t-shirt two sizes smaller than I started.

There are many tumble dry settings, which is what tumble dry no heat means.

What Does Tumble Dry No Heat Mean?

“Tumble dry, no heat” refers to a setting on a clothes dryer that uses the tumble action (rotating the clothes) without applying any heat. This setting is used for delicate fabrics or items unsuitable for high-heat drying.

what does tumble dry no heat mean

1. Tumble dry

Tumble dry indicates that the garment can be dried in a machine dryer rather than air-drying or hanging it up to dry.

2. No heat setting

The “no heat” instruction means selecting a drying cycle on your machine that does not involve heat application. Many dryers have a “no heat” or “air fluff” option specifically designed for this purpose.

When using the “tumble dry no heat” setting, the machine will tumble the clothes in a rotating drum without generating heat. This method is commonly used for delicate fabrics, such as wool, silk, or items with embellishments or materials that may be sensitive to high temperatures.

Opting for a no heat or air fluff setting reduces the risk of shrinkage, damage, or distortion to the fabric or garment. Following this instruction is essential if the care label specifies no heat or the garment is made from materials prone to heat damage.

Refer to the care label on the specific garment you are drying for accurate instructions. If the label advises against using a machine dryer or suggests an alternative drying method, it’s best to follow those guidelines to preserve the quality and longevity of the clothing.


If your clothing label says no tumble dry, you need to air dry it by hanging it up to dry or dry flat

Using the tumble dry no heat setting is the same as air drying your clothing. It may be faster, however, depending on your climate.

No, “no tumble dry” does not necessarily mean air drying. When a garment or item of clothing is labeled “no tumble dry,” it should not be placed in a clothes dryer and subjected to the tumbling action.