The most important thing right now in your life is NOT to SHRINK YOUR CLOTHES!

Let me help you better understand what they mean when you can or can’t tumble dry your laundry.

What Does Tumble Dry Mean?

“Tumble dry” means you can safely dry the clothes in the drying machine. It refers to drying clothes and other fabrics using a clothes dryer. When you see a clothing label or care instructions indicating “tumble dry,” you can safely dry the item in a dryer.

what does tumble dry mean

In a tumble dryer, the clothes are placed in a rotating drum, and hot air is circulated through the drum to evaporate the moisture from the fabric. The tumbling action helps to prevent clothes from wrinkling and allows the hot air to reach all parts of the fabric evenly.

Tumble dry instructions often come with additional symbols or specifications that indicate the heat setting to use, such as low heat, medium heat, or high heat (tumble dry low, tumble dry high, do not tumble dry.) These instructions help prevent damage to delicate fabrics that may be sensitive to high temperatures.

It’s important to read and follow the care instructions on your clothing labels to ensure you dry your clothes appropriately and avoid any potential damage or shrinkage.


If your dryer does not have a tumble dry setting, then you should air dry your clothes by laying them flat or line drying them.

Yes, ‘do not tumble dry’ means your clothes can’t be dried in the dryer, so they must be air dried. Or else you will ruin the fabric.

Yes, when the label says do not tumble dry, it is best to follow the directions. The clothing brand has tested that fabric and has deemed that the heat from the dryer has a high chance of altering your clothing.