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What Does Tumble Dry High Mean?

"Tumble dry high" means you should use a high heat setting when drying clothes in a tumble dryer machine.

Please don’t make the mistake I have made countless times, putting on the wrong tumble dry setting and ending up with a t-shirt two sizes smaller than I started.

There are many tumble dry settings, which is what tumble dry high means.

What Does Tumble Dry High Mean?

“Tumble dry high” means you should use a high heat setting when drying clothes in a tumble dryer machine.

What Does Tumble Dry High Mean

1. Tumble dry

Tumble dry high indicates that the garment can be dried in a machine dryer rather than being air-dried or hung to dry.

2. High heat setting

The “high” refers to the heat level used during drying. Tumble dryers typically offer multiple heat settings, including low, medium, and high. In this case, “tumble dry high” suggests using the highest heat setting available on your dryer.

A high heat setting suits most durable fabrics that withstand higher temperatures without damage or shrinkage. It allows for faster drying and can be helpful when you need your clothes to dry quickly. However, it’s important to note that some delicate fabrics or garments with specific care requirements may not be suitable for high heat, as they can cause them to shrink, fade, or become damaged.

Always refer to the care label on the specific garment you are trying to ensure you are following the recommended instructions. If the label advises against high heat or mentions a different drying method, it’s essential to follow those guidelines to protect the integrity of the clothing.


The tumble dry setting of ‘tumble dry low’ is the low heat setting on your dryer.

Yes, the tumble dry settings will all be faster than air drying. However, you may shrink your clothing if you choose the wrong setting.

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