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What Color is Denim? This Specific Blue

Find out the specific colour of blue denim is

What Color is Denim?

Blue Color

If you were to give a colour code to denim, then it would be the hex code #6F8FAF. Yet denim is so much more than a simple code. Denim, which can make up a vast amount of garments from denim jeans, denim shorts, denim shirts and more, gets is unique colour from a plant.

This is What Color is Denim? This Specific Blue.

Have you always thought that jeans were naturally blue and that denim was the reason why? 

Well, I sure did until a short while ago!

Why is denim blue?

What Color is Denim?

Denim is a blue fabric. The color of denim is typically a deep, indigo blue. This color is achieved through a dyeing process that uses indigo dye (indigofera tinctoria plant), which gives denim its distinctive blue color.

Denim can also be dyed black, grey, white, yellow, pink, red and many other colors. Some denim garments also have a faded or distressed look, giving the fabric a lighter or more worn-in appearance.


Natural denim is typically blue in colour, because of he indigo coloring.

Denim is a fabric and the denim colour comes from the indigofera tinctoria plant.

Yes, denim can be in colors other than blue. Denim can be any colour.

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