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TallSlim Tees Pro-Performance T-Shirt Review

this is a photo of TallSlim Tees Pro-Performace T-Shirt

The Tall Slim Tees Pro-Performance T-Shirt is a good basic gym shirt that fits well and is lightweight. I am 6’7 “, 225lbs, and wearing a size large, and the t-shirt feels comfortable on my chest and shoulders.

I am an ex-athlete and still workout six days a week, and to me, the most essential part of any gym clothes is the fit. I am happy if I can comfortably move through my exercises and movements without constricting fabric cuts, then I have a good gym shirt.

This t-shirt does that. 

At a low price of $35, you can wear it out through daily wear, washing often, and general gym and sweat abuse. Then, you can be comfortable be buying a new one and repeating it.

My dimensions are:

Height: 6’7 / 201cm
Weight: 225lbs / 100kg
T-shirt size: Large

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Short people need not apply

Cost: $35 USD

Tall Paul’s Rating: 4/5

this is a photo of TallSlim Tees Pro-Performance T-Shirt side profile


  • Long torso
  • Light weight
  • Stretch fabric


  • None
this is a photo of tall Paul wearing pro-performance t-shirt front view
this is a photo of tall Paul wearing pro-performance t-shirt side view
this is a photo of tall Paul wearing pro-performance t-shirt stretched

Pro-Performance T-Shirt colors

The Pro-Performance T-Shirt comes in 4 colors.

  • Black
  • Burgundy
  • Blue
  • Slate

How to take care of your Pro-Performance T-Shirt

No matter how big a piece of clothing is, I am sure you are like me in always washing it in cold water and then letting it air dry. The chances of the hot water or hot air shrinking your Pro-Performance T-Shirt are too costly.

Once you have cleaned your t-shirt, put it away correctly and treat it with care to make it last as long as possible. Follow my guides on taking care of your t-shirt.

Pro-Performance T-Shirt material

  • 45% Cation
  • 45% Polyester
  • 10% Elastyne

Pro-Performance T-Shirt styling

The Pro-Performance T-Shirt is a gym shirt. Sure, you wanna look good while your working out, but the more important aspect of fitness is putting in the effort when your there.

Buy a t-shirt, add a pair of the Jogger Sweatpants and get a comfy pair of gym shoes then get after it!

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