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TallSlim Tees Bamboo Blend Crew Neck Review

TallSlim Tees Bamboo Blend Crew Neck Review

The Tall Slim Tees Bamboo Blend Crew Neck is a T-shirt that follows the guidelines for a Tall Men brand: the torso is long and doesn’t billow. 

But other than that, this T-shirt does little else that makes me want to wear it daily. 

I have tried on other bamboo blends and loved how they gave a certain give to the fabric yet still felt soft and warm as a primarily cotton blend. The fabric of this t-shirt leaves me feeling cold, and when you pull on it, it bounces back extremely elastic-like. I’m guessing this is due to no cotton mixed into the fabric.

In addition, as you can see in some of the photos below, the T-shirt is somewhat see-through under certain lighting. When this happens, I am a bit self-conscious, and it also muddies the white shirt look with the addition of your skin pigment showing through.

As for the overall size, I wear a large of their Long Sleeve Henley (which I absolutely love as a multi-use, year-round garment), which fits great. Yet, this large size is tighter than I would like on my chest and shoulders.

However, with the cost of this T-shirt being pretty cheap it could be a pretty good undershirt option.

My dimensions are:

Height: 6’7 / 201cm
Weight: 220lbs / 100kg
T-shirt size: Large

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Short people need not apply

Cost: $29 USD

Tall Paul’s Rating: 2/5

TallSlim Tees Bamboo Blend Crew Neck


  • Long torso
  • Good arm length


  • Not comfortable fabric
  • Slightly see-through
this is a photo of tall paul TallSlim Tees Bamboo Blend Crew Neck front
this is a photo of tall paul TallSlim Tees Bamboo Blend Crew Neck side
this is a photo of tall paul TallSlim Tees Bamboo Blend Crew Neck casual

Bamboo Blend Crew Neck colors

The Bamboo Blend Crew Neck comes in 3 colors.

  • Black
  • Gray
  • White

How to take care of your Bamboo Blend Crew Neck

No matter how big a piece of clothing is, I am sure you are like me in always washing it in cold water and then letting it air dry. The chances of the hot water or hot air shrinking your Crowe Bamboo Blend Crew Neck are too costly.

Once you have cleaned your t-shirt, put it away correctly and treat it with care to make it last as long as possible. Follow my guides on taking care of your t-shirt.

Bamboo Blend Crew Neck material

  • 70% Bamboo
  • 25% Polyester
  • 5% Spandex

Bamboo Blend Crew Neck styling

The Bamboo Blend Crew Neck T-shirt can be styled like any simple white T-shirt. Grab a good fitting pair of jeans and layer on a shirt or jacket. Then your good to go.

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