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Are You Tall? NOT "Big & Tall"

There is a Tall Men niche just for us Tall guys 6’3 and taller that are not ‘big.’

this is a photo of tall paul wearing the Best Clothing Brands For Tall guys american tall
The Spring Fashion Guide For Tall Men 2024

I'm 6'7

“hey skinny”“Don’t turn sideways or we will lose you”“someone hold Paul down, the winds picking up”

These are just a small handful of ways my friends would refer to me growing up.

It sucked, but what sucked even more was the lack of clothing brands that made clothes that fit me. In 2005 there was only Mr Big & Tall, and I didn’t even come close to fitting their skinniest option.

Today we have 4 Tall Men specific brands with countless of other big brands that create a hand full of pieces for us.

And what I am doing, is finding these exact pieces and making your life 100x easier!

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These are just a few of the staples for your new wardrobe in 2024

this is a photo of tall paul wearing dylan slim fit blakc jeans and faux leather bomber from american tall with crowe bamboo cotton tall tee from navas lab with chelsea boots brown antique from ace marks

Tall Men Jeans

I've found jeans with 36 inch inseams and longer

this is a photo of tall paul wearing kronstadt chill linen shorts with bamboo cotton tee from navas lab and new balance 550 shoes

Tall Men T-shirts

I've found t-shirts that reach my butt without getting wider

this is a photo of tall paul wearing garment deyed light weight overshirt tobacco brown with J1 straight leg jeans american tall with crowe bamboo cotton tall tee from navas lab with chelsea boot brown antique ace marks

Tall Men Shirts

I've found shirts that sleeves go all the way to my wrist

this is a photo of tall paul wearing wearever fleece pullover hoodie in black and j1 straight leg jeans in desert sand from american tall and new balance 550 in white

Tall Men Hoodies

I've found hoodies that don't end at my belly-button


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Newsletter Testimonials

"I’ve followed Paul for a couple of years now and what’s helpful about his social content and newsletter is the pointers I get on how to dress right, where to shop, and the insight in to what training as a tall guy can look like, it’s super helpful that someone is there driving these conversations for us. It can be tough being centre of attention in every room you walk in to, but I value the community support in embracing that."
Stuart R. - 6'8
“I started following Paul on social media a while ago and was excited to sign up for his newsletter as it seemed to be what I had been looking for. Little did I know it would be so much more than that. While finding new brands and style tips for tall people each time, I have also found that the conversations about being tall (and what that means for fashion, working out, socially, etc.) have created a community I didn’t even know I needed.”
Connor B. - 6'4
“Paul feels like the only "influencer" out there that actually cares about bringing value to his followers, not bringing them something that will make them give him views. This makes him more like a big brother than some guy on the internet.”
Dauvith - 6'5

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