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Don’t listen to short people who don’t understand what its like to be Tall in the gym.

Tall Guy Workout Plans
this is a photo of tall Paul shirtless in a mirror

Tall Paul

“hey skinny”“Don’t turn sideways or we will lose you”“someone hold Paul down, the winds picking up”

These are just a small handful of ways my friends would refer to me growing up.

Because of that I started lifting weights in my first year of College baseball down in TX.

With 5 years of college weightlifting, 2 years training with the same coach as Olympic Weightlifting champion Kendrick Ferris and then 10+ years as a personal trainer I have found one of my passions in fitness.

  • Drafted by the Toronto Blue Jays
  • 10+ years as a personal trainer
  • Two sport athlete at LSUS (baseball & basketball)
  • 6’7 – 232lbs

Coach Joe Scali

  • 15 years of coaching
  • Competed in the 2015 Crossfit Games
  • Ex-Proffesional hockey player
  • Has coached over 100 online clients 
  • Trains his wife to become a badass athlete who also is nutrition guru that I call upon often Snatches & Samosa’s

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Tall Focused Lifts

Weight gain & weight loss focused around lifting weights


We use cardio as a supplement to your lifting routine


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Tall Guy Workout Plans

$49 per month

  • 5x a week workout program designed for the tall community
  • Created from my own personal workout routine
  • Focus on all the major muscle groups
  • Focus on stability, core and a strong back
  • Access to the community group chat

Members of the Tall Guy email list can get full refund of the Basic Plan after 2 months if you don’t feel like they got you moneys worth.

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$150 per month

  • Unique workout program tailored just for your specific goals
  • Video call with me the start of every new month
  • Direct access to me via messenger 
  • Access to the community group chat
  • Ability to tweak program anytime as goals change

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this is a photo of tall Paul doing a clean at Semiahmoo CrossFit

"I'm too tall" is not an excuse you can use anymore

Make the move to finally get into the shape you always dreamt of