T-shirts for Tall Men: Guide to wearing & shopping

The ultimate Tall Men t-shirt guide for your shopping and wearing peace of mind.

Best T-shirts For Tall Men

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Welcome to your guide for shopping for the best fitting and most comfortable t-shirts for Tall Men. The days of wearing a tee that comes up to your belt buckle or billows off your waist like a sail are over. I have put together a list of the best t-shirts for your day to day wear or a crisp tee for a night on the town.

This is the T-shirts for Tall Men: Guide to shopping & wearing.

This article will give you all you need to know about finding that elusive perfect-fitting T-shirt. I have weeded out the Big & Tall focused brands that make T’s ill-fitting for us Tall lean, Tall athletic and Tall skinny men.

How to style a plain T-shirt

Style your plain t-shirt with your favourite pair of denim jeans (use our guide to find the perfect pair for you) and either a pair of low Converse Chuck Taylors or leather boots laced up.  

Being a Tall Man, you probably are like me and wear subtle clothes that don’t make you stand out more than you already do. Finding the right t-shirt brand that fits your body will make any combination of clothes look good, especially these classic jeans and a t-shirt.’

How to fold T-shirts

Here is how to fold your tall t-shirt if you are packing it for a flight or do not hang them up in the closet.

  1. Lay the shirt face down on a flat surface. 
  2. Smooth the fabric out to remove any wrinkles 
  3. Fold the shirt sideways into thirds to bring the sleeves in
  4. Fold the sleeves back in 
  5. Fold the shirt in half from the bottom up
  6. Repeat folding the shirt in half to reduce its size

T-shirts for Tall Men

My Tall brothers, feeling happy and confident in the t-shirts you own and wear is the cornerstone of our fashion struggles/success. 

Below you have the top Tall Men brands that are making it easier every day to feel confident in the bodies we were given. I suggest you shop around until you find that perfect fit and then buy one in each colour, giving you options throughout the week. 

Following the Tall Men brands, you will find the Big brands that have grown their men’s lines to host Big & Tall lines inside them. I have picked out the Brands that are adapting those Big & Tall lines to fit the more athletic, lean or skinny men like us. 

Here is where to buy T-shirts for Tall Men.

Tall Men t-shirt brands

American Tall has their t-shirts under the “tees + tanks” tab. Their shirts come in three different ‘fits’: slim-fit. modern-fit, regular-fit. You will also find a selection of performance t-shirts for your more athletic outings.

Shop for t-shirts at American Tall.

TallSlim Tees has a variation of lengthy shirts that are sure to fit the “tall and thin.” Coming out of Colorado, TallSlim Tees ranges their tall and slim tee line from 6’0 to 7’0 tall.

Shop for t-shirts at TallSlim Tees.

2Tall is a leading United Kingdom brand in the market of Tall Men clothing and carries a line of t-shirts that are 4inches longer than the standard mens line. 2Tall has a range of colours and styles from subtle to flashy.

Shop for t-shirts at 2Tall

Son of a Tailor is a clothing-tech company out of Europe. They have created a zero waste system where they hold zero inventory waste, but make each piece as ordered. They have sizing systems set up, but for us Tall Men they have a ‘Free Remake Guarantee’ they stand by.

Shop at Son of a Tailor.

Big brands with Tall Men t-shirts

Eddie Bauer will have some t-shirt long enough for Tall Men.

Shop for t-shirts at Eddie Bauer

Banana Republic will have some t-shirts in their new Tall Apparel shopping line.

Shop for t-shirts at Eddie Bauer.

Tall Paul
Tall Paul
I am 6'7 (203cm) / 235lb (106 kg) model and ex-athlete. Since I was a teen I had trouble finding clothes. I was too tall for off the rack and was too lean for Big & Tall.

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