Sweatpants for Tall Men: Guide to shopping & wearing

The ultimate Tall Men sweatpant guide for your shopping and wearing peace of mind.

Best Sweatpants for Tall Men

36" inseam & up

Welcome to your guide for all things sweatpants for Tall Men. Below you will learn how to style your tall sweatpants, fix them, adapt them and wear them with confidence outside your house. Most importantly I have added a list of all the brands that have 36-inch inseam and up for you to buy from.

This is the Sweatpants for Tall Men: Guide to shopping & wearing.

Welcome to the ultimate guide on all things sweatpants for Tall Men. Being 6’7, I know the feeling all too well of a poor-fitting pair of sweatpants. They never fit like the advertisements, do they?

This guide will help you understand a bit more about how to wear and take care of your sweatpants, followed by the best brands to buy your Tall Men sweatpants.

Is there a difference between sweatpants and joggers?

Yes, there is a difference between sweatpants and joggers. 

The difference between sweatpants and joggers is that sweatpants are made for colder weather and colder situations. A sweatpant is made to keep you warmer in winter, and how most of us use it to keep us warm sitting around at home on weekends. And not to forget the perfect work uniform for zoom calls. 

While joggers are made more for your active side of life, keeping you moving and working out with comfortable long-legged pants.

Is it OK to wear sweatpants in public?

Yes, it is 100% ok to wear sweatpants in public. You can style them in many ways to stay comfortable and still look cool. Remember that looking cool comes from confidence, so no matter what you choose to pair your sweatpants with, you will pull it off if you feel confident. 

How long are tall sweatpants?

Finding Tall Man sweatpants, you will want to have at least a 36-inch inseam. The proper Tall Men brands will start around 36 inch inseams and go all the way past 40-inch inseams. If you don’t know your inseam, let us help you find it correctly.

How to style sweatpants 

The best way to style your sweatpants is to treat them like you would a pair of jeans. If you are also looking for the perfect pair of  jeans for Tall Men, we got you covered. 

7 ways to style sweatpants:

  • Choose sweatpants that are fitted rather than baggy
  • Pair them with a trendy coat or blazer
  • Wear them with both high tops and low top sneakers
  • Wear them with leather boots
  • Stick with a monochromatic palette
  • Pair a backpack or fanny pack to compliment them
  • Wear your sweatpants with lots of layers

What to wear with sweatpants

The simplest way to wear your sweatpants around home or out for the day is to pair them with a crisp white t-shirt. For an extra layer up top, you can put on a hoodie only if it doesn’t extend past the bottom of your t-shirt. You want at least 3 inches of t-shirt showing. And for shoes to wear, a classic Chuck Taylor will keep your outfit crisp and simple.

How to fold sweatpants

Knowing how to fold sweatpants will help you make them presentable when you want to wear them for a day or night out. Folding your sweatpants will stop wrinkles and creases from forming.

  1. Lay the sweatpants on a flat surface
  2. Fold the sweatpants in half, so the legs overlap
  3. Fold them in half vertically 
  4. Fold them in half once more
  5. Finally, place them in your closet or clothing drawer.

How to roll sweatpants

The act of rolling your sweatpants instead of folding them will help you pack more into your Carry-On or Check-In luggage when traveling. Read our travel tips to flying as a Tall Man for more insight.

  1. Lay sweatpants on a flat surface 
  2. Fold the sweatpants in half
  3. Start rolling from the waist
  4. Pack your rolled sweatpants into the bottom of your luggage

How to cuff sweatpants 

Having baggy sweatpants around your shoes is not the look you want if you are trying to be fashionable. To cuff your sweatpants, you want the final cuff to end up just past your ankle. Here is how to cuff your sweatpants with a rubber band. 

  1. Roll your sweatpants up 3 inches 
  2. Pull the rubber band over your foot and onto the center of the cuff
  3. Pull the top of the cuff down over the rubber band
  4. Tuck the rubberband under your sweatpants
  5. Throw on your fresh kicks and hit the streets

How to restring sweatpants 

It’s always good to know how to restring your sweatpants if you forget to tie your drawstring in a knot before washing them. If you forgot to tie your drawstrings together and the washing machine pulled one end out, this is how you can restring your sweatpants. 

  1. Pull the drawstring out entirely if it’s lost halfway
  2. Stick a safety pin through one end and secure it
  3. Insert the safety pin through one eyelet
  4. Cinch the fabric towards the safety pin, making the safety pin move forward
  5. Keep scrunching the safety pin through the waistband until it appears through the other eyelet
  6. Remove the safety pin and make a knot on each end of the drawstring

How to stretch sweatpants 

To stretch your sweatpants start by soaking them in your shower or bathtub. Take the soaked sweatpants and use a clothes hanger with clips on the bottom. Clip the waist of your sweatpants and hang the hanger on your shower head, letting them drip dry. The weight of the water will stretch the pants out.

Sweatpants for Tall Men

Now that we have gotten all the styling and care needs over with for your new pair of sweatpants let’s dive into the best companies out there making sweatpants that fit Tall Men.

The first group of companies is leading the industry to create only clothing that fits Tall Men like you and me— starting their clothing charts at 6’3 and sometimes working up to 7’0 tall.

The second grouping of companies is the big name brands that generally have always catered to the Big & Tall crowd as the only Tall clothing made. We both know that Big & Tall does not answer the problems us Tall and athletic or lean men have. With these brands, you will have to do some more work finding that pair of sweatpants that fit you due to them not having dedicated lines or teams to the Tall Men in the world.

Here is where to buy sweatpants for us tall guys.

Tall Men sweatpants brands

American Tall is a leading North American brand in market of Tall Men sweatpants and clothing. Their sweatpants can be found under the “Athletic Pants” section, that combines their sweat pants and joggers. There is a wide variety of styles and colours.

Shop for sweatpants at American Tall

2Tall is a leading United Kingdom brand in the market of Tall Men clothing and carries a line of sweatpants. You can find their sweatpants under their “Joggers” section. There is not much variety in styles and they offer a handful of colours.

Shop for sweatpants at 2Tall

For The Fit is a brand for focuses on creating clothes for people who are not “average size.” They have both Tall Men and Short Men’s sweatpants.

Shop for sweatpants at For The Fit

Big brands with Tall Men sweatpants

Mac Weldon will have some sweatpants sized right for Tall Men.

Shop for sweatpants at Mac Weldon

Los Angeles Apparel will have some sweatpants sized right for Tall Men.

Shop for sweatpants at Los Angeles Apparel

Lulu Lemon will have some sweatpants sized right for Tall Men.

Shop for sweatpants at Lululemon

Old Navy will have some sweatpants sized right for Tall Men.

Shop for sweatpants at Old Navy

Nordstrom’s will have some sweatpants sized right for Tall Men.

Shop for sweatpants at Nordstrom

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