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Son Of A Tailor Pique Shirt Review

Son Of A Tailor Pique Shirt Review

The Son of a Tailor Pique Shirt has quickly become an unexpected favorite of mine. 

If you have been following my newsletter (Tall Mens Fashion advice, thoughts, and tips—join now if not!), one of my focuses is to steer less toward my comfort zone of hoodies and regular T-shirts and more toward sweaters, more stylish t-shirts for my body type and button-up shirts.

When I first saw this Pique Shirt, it did not excite me. I remember picking it up, giving it a once-over, and then dropping it so I could move on. 

However, after wearing it a few times and pairing it with the new chinos I got tailor-made here in Thailand, I’ve seen this shirt’s capabilities. And I love it.

The Pique fabric gives the shirt a non-shirt feeling vibe. It’s hard to explain, but when I wear it, I feel comfortable wearing a long-sleeved T-shirt. Yet when I look in the mirror, I wear the snappy collared shirt and crisp pants, fulfilling my goals of dressing in a more mature style. 

The fabric makes it lightweight and airy. Another upside of the fabric is that it molds to my shape more, unlike most dress shirt. 

This allows me to play to the strength of my tall, muscular, lean frame while maintaining a mature and professional appearance.

I have also chosen the Pique t-shirt as one the three perfect pairs of t-shirts for building your wardrobe cost effectively.

My dimensions are:

Height: 6’7 / 201cm
Weight: 225lbs / 100kg
Shirt size: Made-to-measure

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Short people need not apply

Cost: $128 USD

Tall Paul’s Rating: 5/5



  • Sits wonderfully on our long frame
  • Lightweight/breathable material
  • Great transition shirt from T-shirt to dress shirt


  • None
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Pique Shirt colors

The Pique Shirt comes in 7 colors.

  • Black
  • Dark Grey
  • Navy (what I’m wearing)
  • White
  • Light Grey
  • Chamomile 
  • Praline

How to take care of your Pique Shirt

No matter how big a piece of clothing is, I am sure you are like me in always washing it in cold water and then letting it air dry. The chances of the hot water or hot air shrinking your Pique Shirt are too costly.

Once you have cleaned your shirt, put it away correctly and treat it with care to make it last as long as possible. Follow my guides on taking care of your Pique Shirt.

Pique Shirt material

  • 100% extra long staple Supima cotton
  • OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified
  • Medium-weight: 170 g/m2
  • No transparency

Pique Shirt styling

Today I chose to pair the Pique shirt with a classic pair of light brown chino and black dress shoes. For a more summer day fit I will probably switch out the black dress shoes with a pair of low profile brown dress shoes.

Outfit: Navy Pique Shirt | Light Brown Chinos | Black Dress Shoes

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