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Shirts for Tall Men: Guide to Shopping & Wearing

The ultimate Tall Men shirt guide for your shopping and wearing peace of mind.

Shirts For Tall Men

Tall Mens Shirts

Welcome to your guide for all things shirts for Tall Men. Below you will learn how to take care of your tall buttoned shirt, keep them tucked and wear them with confidence. Most importantly, I have added a list of all the brands that have dress shirts, casual and flannel shirts for you to rock with confidence.

This is the Shirts for Tall Men: Guide to shopping & wearing.

Hey fellas, in today’s article, I will help you look good and feel good in the shirts you wear. Buttoned-up shirts are one of the more challenging pieces of clothing to find that fit us Tall Men. 

If you are 6’3 and up, this guide is for you.

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How Much Longer are Men's Tall Shirts?

On average, both the arm length and waist-length, are 1 1/2″ inches longer than a man’s regular shirt. This is measurement is standard with the Big Brands like Banana Republic, Lands End, Eddie Bauer, Tommy Bahamas and more. 

However, if you go looking for a shirt at a Tall Men’s Brand like American Tall or Highley Tall the additional length will exceed the 1 1/2″ appropriately as your height goes up.

How to Measure Arm Length for Men's Shirts

Knowing how to measure your arm length is a step-by-step process any Tall Man needs, or perhaps you are a normal-sized guy with extremely long arms. There are two key measurements for you to do for this measurement, so it won’t take you long to do.

Read our guide on how to measure sleeve length for the fully detailed process. 

How do I Keep my Shirt from Untucking?

The best long-term way to keep your shirt tucked in is to get bespoke shirts made with ample length to the length of your waist. It will cost more than a ‘normal’ shirt, but It’s a worthwhile investment. If this is not an option then here are three tips for stopping your shirt from untucking.

  1. Tuck your shirt into your underwear (not ideal, but it will work)
  2. Use rubberized tape
  3. Traditional shirt stays

Read our guide on how to keep your shirt tucked in, with thirteen ideas for Tall Men. 

If your shirt is untucking because it has been stretched out, you may want to use one of our three shirt shrinking methods to decrease the size of your shirt.

Which Type of Shirt Stay is Best?

Shirt stays are the best way to keep your shirt tucked in, especially when the length is not made for your size of body. Before loading up on shirt stays, I would suggest you first shop at a Tall Man’s brand that makes buttoned shirts for your tall body and long limbs. If after that you still need a shirt stay the best one to purchase is NV Holders. 

How to Fold Buttoned-Up Shirts

Follow this eight-step to fold your buttoned-up shirt if you don’t have a shirt hanger and closet. 

  1. Find a flat surface to layout your dress shirt
  2. Button up the shirt
  3. Take one sleeve and fold it towards the center of the shirt
  4. Fold the other sleeve also towards the center
  5. Fold one sleeve forward “up” back towards the shoulder
  6. Fold the other sleeve the same way, toward its shoulder
  7. Fold the tail of your shirt up to the shoulders 
  8. ‘Press down, smooth out the creases and put away

Tall Men Clothing

To help you find all your tall men’s clothing needs with ease, I have created these other articles. Plus this height chart from cm to feet.

Shirts for Tall Men

Now that we have gone over the basics for wearing your shirts and how to care for them, I am going to share with you the best places to shop online to buy the perfect-fitting buttoned-up dress shirt for you.

The first group of companies are Tall Men Brands that are solely focusing on creating clothes for Tall Men 6’3 and up. This isn’t a Big & Tall guide, as the brands’ shirts go up in size the waist won’t be matching it. If you are a tall lean, tall skinny or tall athletic build then this is the right guide for you. 

The second group of companies are your Big Brands that make “Tall” versions of their normal dress shirts in attempts to fit us, Tall Men. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. With the Brands, it may take a bit more work in finding the right piece for you. 

Here is where to by shirts for Tall Men.

Shirts for Tall Men: Tall Men Brands

American Tall

American Tall is a leading North American brand in market of Tall Men shirts and clothing. Their buttoned shirts can be found under the “Button Shirts” section, that combines casual shirts, dress shirts, hooded flannel and short sleeve shirts. There is a wide variety of styles, colours and flannels.

Highly Tall

Highly Tall is out of the Netherlands, where the Tall Men roam free and plentiful. So it only makes sense to check out this clothing brand that makes every dress shirt with extra long sleeves, coming to 72cm from shoulder to wrist.

Proper Cloth

Proper Cloth is not a specific Tall Men clothing line, however their focus on getting the perfect fit puts them in this category. Based out of New York City, they are a pioneer in quality custom fit, made to order shirts.

Shirts for Tall Men: Big Brands

Lands’ End will have some shirts sized right for Tall Men.


Nordstroms will have some shirts sized right for Tall Men in their Big & Tall line.

J. Crew will have some shirts sized right for Tall Men.

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Tall Paul
Tall Paul
Paul Marlow, standing at an impressive 6'7 (201cm) and weighing 225lb (102kg), is a mental health speaker, fashion expert, and ex-athlete who excels at helping tall men find well-fitting clothing and teaching them how to style it effectively. As a model in the fashion and film industries, Paul shares his expertise in tall men's fashion, offering valuable advice on measurements, tailoring, and alterations. In addition, he founded Never Alone, an organization that provides mental health and therapy inspiration, and started the Mental Growth Newsletter to support those facing mental health challenges, drawing from his own experiences.

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