New Balance FreezeLX v4 Box Review For Tall Guys

this is a photo of tall Pauls new balance freezeLX v4 box shoes after four months

Tall fellas, this is the New Balance FreezeLX v4 Box shoe review. And it’s important to point out that these are lacrosse shoes immediately! A box lacrosse shoe, to be exact… hence the ‘box’ in the name.

From the reviews I read, these shoes did not get high praise by the lacrosse community but I am going to do my best to drive across the point that I want to make to you. These box lacrosse shoes are perfect gym shoes for any bodybuilder / crossfitter / HIIT training tall human.

I have worn the shoes for four months of high intensity and impact training. Five days a week, I hit the gym, go through the Tall Guy Workout Plan, and put the shoes through the wringer with various movements. 

430lb deadlifts, lateral bounds to box jumps, sled pushes to rope climbs. The FreezeLX v4 box has held up better than I expected, even with the rope climbs! 

I expected total shredding of the thick, light rubber base, but none happened.

The shoes have not only held up but have been extremely comfortable and kept their clean and crisp look to them.

My dimensions are:

Height: 6’7 / 201cm
Weight: 225lbs / 100kg
Shoe size I am wearing: 14 US / 47 EU
Largest size New Balance makes of the FreezeLX: 15 US / 49 EU

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Short people need not apply

Cost: $104.99 USD

Tall Paul’s Rating: 5/5

New Balance FreezeLX v4 Box Review For Tall Guys


  • Comfortable to wear
  • Great support and stability
  • Hold up well
  • Come in large sizes


  • Slippery on damp gym floors
this is a photo of tall Paul wearing new balance freeze v4 box shoes to deadlift

The FreezeLX v4 Box Shoes Breakdown

The FreezeLX v4 Box has answered the call on all the workout movements I have used as a crossfitter/bodybuilder. My foot sits comfortably in the shoe throughout the 2-hour workouts. The only issue is a lack of grip in certain situations, which I have only noticed while training outside in an open gym in Thailand in 32c/90f  humid heat. 

There has been excellent grip in all other indoor gyms I have used, and turf floors.

Fit and sizing

My foot is an awkward 13.5, and I have just gotten used to wearing a 14. These shoes fit true, and a size 14 fits me comfortably. I do not feel that my foot is swimming at all inside the toe box. I suggest purchasing the usual shoe size you wear.


The shoes are incredibly comfortable. I have worn Nike’s to Strike Movement, where after a few months of wear, I have found a few nagging areas of discomfort. Not with these shoes, so far, four months into wearing them. The sole is comfortable, and the laces tie up nicely. When doing sprints and jumps, I feel no issues.


I have sprinted to box jumps and lateral bounds, then heavy deadlifts to snatch and clean complexes. I have lastly taken them up and down during rope climbs, all without any issues or negative thoughts about the shoes or feeling unable to perform at my highest capable level. The base is also solid (but light), making me feel stable in elongated movements as a tall guy.


After four months of wearing the shoes, they look the same as when I bought them. There is no wear or tear on the outer layer or base of the shoe, and inside the stitching shoes, there is no wear.

this is a photo of tall Pauls new balance freezeLX v4 box shoes after four months


For a sporting performance shoe, they are well made for breathability. As an ex-baseball and basketball athlete, I have dealt with some scorching and muggy shoes to wear while competing. These are not your mesh runner or gym shoes with barely any support, so they can’t compete on that level of breathability. But overall, I give these an 8/10.

Style and design

Out of the last two pairs of gym shoes I have had, these have gotten the most compliments by far. They are crisp and can easily be paired with a ton of gym clothes if you’re looking to look your best in the gym. I also suggest getting a pair of joggers for tall guys since these are thicker. Joggers and broader shoes are classic for warming up and going through a workout.


At $104.99, these shoes are in the cheaper range of gym-focused shoes. The price surprised me because I thought a sport-specific shoe would be more expensive than a gym-specific shoe. 

Break-in period

There was no break-in period when I first wore these shoes. In the first few workouts, I felt no heel rubbing or aching soles of my feet. 

Care and cleaning

With the synthetic mesh, rubber outsole, and black color, these shoes are extremely easy to clean and keep looking ‘new.’ I haven’t done any sort of upkeep on my pair for the entire four months I have had them because there has been no need to clean them. If you do clean them, all it will take is a simple hot water and cloth to wipe them down.

Brand reputation and customer service

New Balance has a positive reputation for producing high-quality athletic footwear and apparel. Overall, customers have reported positive experiences with New Balance’s customer service, citing helpful and responsive representatives.

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