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MediumTall Perfect Oxford Shirt Review

Medium Tall Perfect Oxford Shirt Review

The Perfect Oxford Shirt from MediumTall is a well-done creation of a classic shirt you can find anywhere. However, this is one that you will find is long enough in the torso or sleeve length.

After buying a handful of bespoke dress shirts, I have come to appreciate an off-the-rack shirt that gets a close-to-perfect fit by using a size guide. 

Fellas, it’s Hard! Especially when making for a long gangly, limbed community like ours.

Now, no clothing brand will create a shirt that fits every tall man from 6’1-6’9, but I think the overall cut and length of the Perfect Oxford Shirt will satisfy over 90% of our population.

I liked how the fabric didn’t come out of my pants when I raised my arms, and gestures with my hands didn’t strain the cuffs, meaning they were a good length. 

If anything, the cuffs were 1/2 inch too long for me. But with my short wingspan of 6’3, I am not surprised this happened. And this is an easy fix with a tailor if it warrants a fix. 

I was most pleased with how it fit so well in my chest and shoulders, not feeling tight or clingy. 

My dimensions are:

Height: 6’7 / 201cm
Weight: 225lbs / 100kg
T-shirt size: 201-205 cm

Tall Men's Fashion Community

Short people need not apply

Cost: €111 EUR / $118 USD

Tall Paul’s Rating: 5/5



  • Long torso that doesn’t billow
  • Sleeve length reaches wrists comfortably
  • Shirt is versatile for many looks


  • None
this is a photo of Medium Tall Perfect Oxford Shirt tag
this is a photo of Medium Tall Perfect Oxford Shirt pocket
this is a photo of Medium Tall Perfect Oxford Shirt sleeve cuff

Perfect Oxford Shirt colors

The Perfect Oxford Shirt comes in 3 colors.

  • Navy
  • White
  • Light Blue (what I’m wearing)

How to take care of your Perfect Oxford Shirt

No matter how big a piece of clothing is, I am sure you are like me in always washing it in cold water and then letting it air dry. The chances of the hot water or hot air shrinking your Perfect Oxford Shirt are too great.

Treat it with care to make it last as long as possible. Follow my guides on taking care of your Dres shirt.

Perfect Oxford Shirt material

  • 100% Cotton

Perfect Oxford Shirt styling

Even with the versatility of the Perfect Oxford Shirt, I wanted to show you guys a classic look that can be worn to any occasion. I picked out my favourite tailored beige chinos with the no-belt look, and these supple buffalo leather brown dress shoes. Don’t worry, the Oxford also looks great untucked with a less casual look.

Outfit: Light Blue Perfect Oxford Shirt | Beige Chinos | Travel Derby Dress Shoes

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