At 6’7 / 201cm, I have been lucky enough to have a few tailored suits made. Connections and good friends allowed me to put three custom-tailored suits in my closet for a fraction of what they cost while I was living in Vancouver, Canada. 

However, a fraction of the cost was still $1,000 for each suit. 

Since those three pieces, I hadn’t been to a tailor for a bespoke clothing garment until two months ago. I had gotten those suits made in 2017. 

Two months ago, I rectified my mistake of not investing in more pieces of clothing that fit perfectly and took advantage of the cheaper tailoring costs of Southeast Asia.

Now, let me touch on that paragraph for a second. Yes, I love where the Tall Men clothing lines are heading and the amount and quality of our available products. But nothing, no matter what size you are, beats having something made specifically for you. 

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Koh Samui, Thailand Tailoring For Tall Men

At the start of 2024, I lived in Koh Samui, Thailand. And I wanted a pair of blue and light brown chinos to create the visual I had for the newest reviews from Son Of A Tailor. 

One of my mates had a personal connection with a tailoring shop in Chawenge, so I met with Mr Ben of Modern Suit Samui, who worked with me on creating them. 

Let me take you through the process Mr Ben took me through. 

  • The concept: Save multiple Instagram, TikTok or Pinterest posts of the idea of your look to show.
  • Fabric selection: Google the type of garment you want with the season you intend to wear it in.
  • Measurements: Mr. Ben will do 90% of the work here. But you will want to have a good visual of what your outcome will be. Perhaps have an exact photo at hand to refer to when he asks for things like where you want the pant cuff to sit.
  • Fitting(s): This is where you get to put on the completed work, so far, and pin point areas you need worked on to make that perfect fit. Once again, have a good idea of the end goal in your mind.
this is a photo of tall Paul wearing his custom made chinos with a son of a tailor t-shirt and ace marks shoes
this is a photo of Tall Paul in his custom made chinos in Koh Samui Thailand

Cost of Tailoring

The cost of the two chinos was 4,200 Baht, which is $131 USD. That’s $66 USD per pant, which is cheap compared to North America. However, you can find cheaper ones in Southeast Asia.

The concept to measurement took aound 25 minutes. Most of that time was me humming and hawing over the fit I wanted.

The Concept

Luckily, I understood what I wanted for this tailoring: a navy blue and light brown chino pants. I needed clarification on how I wanted the pants to fit. Since all I had worn up until now was a tight fit, a narrow cut that tapered at my ankles, I told Mr. Ben that I wanted a pair of pants that fit tight and were narrow. 

Little did I know that my concept of what looked good on me would change to this looser-fitting tailored pant in two months.

With that general direction on the pants fitting, Mr. Ben showed me a couple of photos from a magazine and then said he could start from there. He said he would make them looser rather than tighter because he could always remove fabric, not add it.

Fabric Selection

I had no clue what fabric I wanted to get. To be honest, I thought Chino was a single fabric, so all I had to do was pick a color all that.   

According to Wikipedia, chino cloth is a twill fabric originally made from 100% cotton. The most common items made from it, trousers, are widely called chinos. Today it is also found in cotton-synthetic blends.

So I wasn’t 100% wrong, but Mr Ben brought out a board filled with different thicknesses of Chino material. Thick, thin, elastic, you name it. 

I chose a thin summer material with no elasticity to it. It’s probably the wrong choice for long-term going with no elasticity—rookie mistake.


Mr Ben took control of this area, injecting a few questions about certain areas of my chinso.

He wanted to know how long the pant leg should be. This all depended on what type of shoes I would wear with them. Because these were tighter pants for summer, I chose to let the cuff ride higher and show some ankle with my dress shoes.

Mr Ben also gained my insight when he measured my thighs to determine how much room I wanted. This is an important question because if the room is too tight, it will be impossible to sit or lunge.


Two days later, Mr Ben sent me a WhatsApp message saying that the initial concept of the chinos had been made.

He had created one of the colors that I asked for. 

I put on the Chinos, and we went over how they fit compared to the picture I painted when I first came in. Mr. Ben had done an excellent job, leaving the overall fit looser than I had wanted but very close to correct. 

We had gone over the entire pant in five minutes with changes he would make. He was also going to create the second pair of chinos from these latest measurements.

*depending on the amount of change needed and ability to understand each other (language barrier), there might be a need for a third or perhaps fourth fitting.

OR they can also easily get it right on the first attempt!

Finished Pants

Two days later, I had both pairs of chinos in my hands, and they were the exact fit I wanted. 

Check out the viral Instagram Reel with over 2,000,000 views of these.

this is a photo of tallpaul wearing custom tailor chinos from Koh Samui Thailand