Do you find yourself holding up a pair of joggers in one hand and a pair of sweats in the other, unsure of what to put on?

Joggers and sweatpants are closely related in the fashion sense, compared to a pair of jeans or slacks. But they also are miles apart when it comes to their versatility.

Did you know that joggers found their way into the mainstream via the European football league?

And sweatpants have had a %130 boost in sales worldwide since the start of 2020 in correlation with people working from home.

In this article, I will help you understand the difference between the two and help you decide what occasion deserves what.

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Joggers vs Sweatpants

Joggers are more versatile and the better option of the two.

Comfortable pants come in many styles from yoga pants, track pants, lounge pants, not just sweats and joggers. Be sure to look around before you make your online order.

joggers vs sweatpants

What Are Joggers?

Joggers are the more versatile version of your sweatpants. They originated in the athletic fitness/leisure world, where the world of soccer (European football) had a prominent role in its growth. Joggers tend to be made from more versatile and different fabrics than their cousin, the sweatpant. These fabrics allow them to be worn out in public and not look ‘lazy’; however, they will not keep you as warm as a sweatpant.

this is a photo of joggers from Navas Lab


  • Joggers are versatile and fashionable.
  • They can be both dressed up or down. (how to dress up joggers)
  • Joggers are more breathable than sweatpants.
  • They have a tapered fit for better mobility to wear when active.


  • Joggers aren’t as warm as sweatpants.
  • You may not like the tightness around their ankles or where the cuff sits.
  • Front pockets will not be as deep or as functional as side pockets. Putting an iPhone or Android comfortably into a pocket doesn’t happen for most people.

What Are Sweatpants?

Sweatpants are thick, usually 100% cotton pants that are typically looser fitting and at times outright baggy. Sweatpants are often worn at home on relaxed occasions because they are warm, and much warmer than jeans. but more recently, you can pair them with multiple layers to create a fashionable outfit to hit the town.

Read our article on how to style sweatpants create that fashionable look.

Sweatpants will give less breathability when taking part in activities. This can make you sweat faster and feel more uncomfortable in them than a jogger.

this is a photo of sweatpants from plus two


  • Sweatpants keep you warmer than joggers.
  • Sweatpants can be fleece-lined for extra warmth or use thicker fabrics.
  • Sweatpants have a looser, more relaxed fit, making them more comfortable to lounge around.
  • They can have more profound, more functional pockets.


  • Sweatpants aren’t as versatile and stylish as joggers.
  • They can make you sweat quicker than a jogger would.
  • Sweatpants are not as breathable as joggers.

Are Sweatpants And Joggers The same?

No, sweatpants and joggers are not the same. You could call them close relatives, though. They are more alike than you would say a pair of jeans or leggings are to either one. The use of sweatpants and joggers has many interconnecting points; however, each has its area in the fashion world.

Why are sweatpants called joggers?

Sweatpants are only called joggers when someone is confused between the two pieces of clothing. Before joggers became popular in our day-to-day wear, you could use a different sweatpant cut and call it a jogger and get away with it. Now that joggers have created their fashion niche, you would not call sweatpants joggers, nor would you call joggers sweatpants.

Are joggers supposed to be loose or tight?

Joggers are supposed to be tight. Unlike their counterpart, the sweatpant joggers are closer cut pants without any bagginess throughout the legs or crotch. 

The fit of your joggers should sit comfortably at your waist, the same place your jeans do. The crotch should not be saggy and not have a ‘pouchy’ look to it, while the pant legs should fit the shape of your quads and calves. At your ankles, you want the bottom of the joggers to hug just above your ankles with the elastic cuff.

Let us help you understand how they should fit with how are joggers supposed to fit.

Are joggers meant for running?

Joggers can be used for running, but in the fashion sense for 2022, the jogger is not often used for ‘jogging.’ If you purchase a pair of joggers for exercising, make sure the fabric and cut allow your legs to breathe so they do not get overly hot and sweaty.

If you are looking for a pant to wear while working out, running, weight lifting, CrossFit, or any other exercise, you should look at track pants, sweatpants, and joggers. Brands like Underarmour, Gym Shark, Nike, Champion, Puma and Lululemon make their joggers with unique adaptions that fit each person’s comfort levels differently.


Joggers are made for more active wear and fashion, while sweatpants are more comfy and made to wear in relaxed situations. Joggers also started as footballers pants when warming up for their soccer match.

Depending on the fabric of your joggers you can either wear them doing your workouts or for a night out on the town with your friends. Joggers are more fashionable that sweatpants and can be worn in many settings like you would wear a pair of pants.