Jeans for Tall Men: Guide to shopping & wearing

The ultimate Tall Men jean guide for your shopping and wearing peace of mind.

Best jeans for tall men

36" inseam & up

This is your #1 guide to shopping for jeans for tall men. Tall guys, girlfriends of tall skinny guys, boyfriends of tall and slim guys I have you covered. From a 36” inseam all the way up to 40 inch inseam and more of the best denim looks for comfort and style.

This is the Jeans for tall men: Guide to shopping & wearing.

My tall brothers, welcome to the ultimate guide on all things jeans. In this article, I will share with you the best Tall Men Brands plus Big Brands that carry jeans that will fit you. 

Also, I will make sure you know how to wash, handle and alter the jeans you have to make them the perfect pair of jeans for you.

Where to buy jeans for Tall Men

The Tall Men clothing industry has gotten better at getting away from strictly Big & Tall sizes, giving more options to skinnier tall men that don’t fit the “Big” stereotype of expanding ‘out’ as we grow ‘up.’ 

However, the industry doesn’t cater to every tall man’s body type out there still. Even with this guide, I want you to be patient in your shopping journey. Take deep breaths to ease your stress and anxiety if you have trouble finding that perfect pair. 

My goal is to make your shopping experience as least frustrating as possible. If you want to get right to the shopping section click here.

What are the best denim jeans for Tall Men

American Tall has the best denim jeans for us Tall Men. American Tall has around thirty different pairs of jeans for you to choose from in 2022. They are the leading brand in the Tall Men clothing market for jeans. 

How to distress jeans 

Knowing how to distress jeans is one thing, while being able to do it to perfection is another. I suggest you try distressing an old pair of jeans that don’t fit you anymore before doing it to your new pair of tall jeans.

Fade the dye

  • Make a mixture of 50/50 water and bleach
  • Paint the mixture with a brush on the areas you want to be treated
  • Let sit overnight 
  • Wash and dry to finish

Fray the pockets and edges

  • Use a disposable shaving razor or sandpaper 
  • Scrape your tool of choice over the area you want distressed
  • Areas to focus on: Zipper, waistband, pockets

Use bobby pins to make smaller holes 

  • Great for subtle distressing
  • Choose a bobby pin with a blunt metal edge
  • Create a tiny hole by scraping at the denim

Cut and pluck for big threaded holes

  • For not so subtle distressing 
  • Cut horizontal strips half-inch apart
  • Make strip as long as you desire 
  • Pluck the blue threads out with a pair of tweezers
  • You can tear some white threads to make them look “messier”

Rub with sandpaper for softness 

  • Choose less course (gritty) sandpaper for this job
  • Rub over the desired area to soften

How to stretch out jeans

Even though there are many more jeans available on the market to fit you as a tall guy, you might have your eyes on a pair that is just a tad small. We have all dealt with this before, so here are six tips for stretching out a pair of jeans to fit your leg length or size. 

  • Wet your jeans, then stretch them
  • Use a blow dryer to heat the area you want to be stretched 
  • Use a waistband stretcher
  • Pull your pant leg over your head (yes, you read that right)
  • Wet jeans, then put a foam roller into the leg
  • Wear your jeans in a warm water bath while you wear them

How to cuff jeans

The best trick we tall guys can do is cuff our jeans; that way, having short jeans is stylish and not awkward. The companies below will help you find those long jeans you have been missing all your life, but that doesn’t mean the cuff needs to leave your fashion tips and tricks.

  • Start with a Slim fit or chinos for the best cuff
  • Grab the inseam of your pants, then pinch it and pull it
  • Fold the seam in and grab the bottom
  • Cuff the fold twice, keeping the overlap in place 
  • When done the second fold, tuck the overlap in place
  • Smooth out the cuff, and then you are ready to go


Insure of where the inseam is? Let our guide on Inseams help you.

How to fold jeans

Now that you have a pair of jeans you are proud to wear, and make you feel confident, and you should treat them right. There are many ways to fold your jeans, but let these bullet points help you out in a pinch as you stare at your jeans on your bedroom floor.

  • Smooth out the pockets
  • Hold up the jeans and shake a few times
  • Fold one leg over the other 
  • Fold the jeans in half or thirds

How to wash jeans

Washing your jeans is not the same as washing your shirts, hoodies or any other piece of clothing that you have. Constantly washing your jeans will wear them out faster than desired, so if your body leaves an undesirable smell on them after a few wears, you can try throwing them in a freezer bag then into the freezer overnight. 

When you need to put your jeans in for a thorough wash, follow these steps.

  • Turn your jeans inside out and zip them up
  • Use cold water 
  • Wash on a delicate or gentle cycle
  • Wash with like colours 
  • Air dry your jeans once washed

Jeans for Tall Men

Now that we have gotten all the wear and care needs over with for your new pair of jeans let’s dive into the best companies out there making jeans for Tall Men.

The first group of companies is leading the industry to create only clothing that fits Tall Men like you and me—usually starting at 6’3 and making denim that include more lean builds. 

The second grouping of companies is the big name brands that generally have always catered to the Big & Tall crowd. However, in recent years they have recognized the large group of men not to shop with them. With these brands, you will have to do some more work finding that right pair of jeans that fit you due to them not having dedicated lines or teams to the Tall Men in the world.

Here is where to buy jeans for us tall guys.

Tall Men jean brands

American Tall is a leading North American brand in market of Tall Men clothing. They offer two main lengths that cover different height ranges. The first is “Tall” and this is clothing made for men 6’3 – 6’7 and the second is “Extra Tall” which caters to men 6’8 and up.

Shop for jeans at American Tall

2Tall is a leading United Kingdom brand in the market of Tall Men clothing. They are proudly not a Big and Tall store, instead they create their fashion pieces towards slim and athletically built tall men.

Shop for jeans at 2Tall

Cub Jeans is out of Paris, France. Franc and Antoine create jeans for tall men closer to an artisanal production. 250 copies are made from each blue jeans or trousers. This gives you a special piece of denim and style, knowing that you are one of a few wearing that exact pant.

Shop for jeans at Cub Jeans

Big brands with Tall Men jeans

Nordstrom’s Big & Tall line will have some jeans cut for Tall Men.

Shop for jeans at Nordstrom

Levi’s Big and Tall line will have some jeans cut for Tall Men.

Shop for jeans at Levi’s

Old Navy men’s jeans line will have some jeans cut for Tall Men.

Shop for jeans at Old Navy

34 Heritage’s jean line will have some jeans cut for Tall Men.

Shop for jeans at 34 Heritage

JC Penney men’s jeans line will have some jeans cut for Tall Men.

Shop for jeans at JC Penney

Wrangler’s Big & Tall jean line will have some jeans cut for Tall Men.

Shop for jeans at Wrangler

Mavi’s jean line will have some jeans cut for Tall Men.

Shop for jeans at Mavi

ASOS’s jean line will have some jeans cut for Tall Men.

Shop for jeans at ASOS

American Eagles’  jean line will have some jeans cut for Tall Men.

Shop for jeans at American Eagle

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