Joggers are often worn as sporty or casual outfits, however smart joggers are able to become a business casual piece of clothing that you are able to wear to work if styled properly. If you know how to wear joggers fashionably then your set!

Below you will find out these answers plus many more!

  • Can you wear joggers to work
  • How to style joggers for work
  • Are joggers business casual
  • How to make joggers look professional
How to wear joggers to work

Grey, beige, and black joggers pair well with all types of matches including leather jackets, trench coats, blazers, and linen shirts. 

For shoes you can wear a clean pair of sneakers, mules, or loafers with your joggers to give you an intelligent, yet laid back look.

Use our article to appropriately style your joggers so that you can look cool as well as feel comfortable all day long while at work. 

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How To Wear Joggers To Work

Joggers are great pants to wear with outfits that are meant for business casual environments. Joggers are comfortable, versatile, stylish, and affordable, which makes them a great choice for wearing to work. 

If your doing some research before you buy a pair of tall joggers online, make sure you know what size joggers should you should get.

After you find your perfect pair (or two) then stay on-top of washing your joggers. I suggest you dryer your joggers without a dryer by line drying or drying flat. There is a high chance of shrinking your joggers when using a dryer.

If you forget to tie your drawstring when cleaning and drying your joggers, there is a good chance it will come out. If this happens, read our article on how to put string back in joggers.

Lastly, fold your joggers or hang them up so they stay wrinkle free.

Below we have some ideas and recommendations on how to create outfits around your joggers fashionably so that you are able to wear them to work. Dive deeper into what to wear with joggers in this article if you can’t find the look your going for,

1. How to wear joggers to work with a leather jacket

Black leather jackets are sophisticated yet casual (and a little grungy) and are easy to match in an outfit alongside joggers. 

Wear a short style leather jacket such as a biker or bomber style to accentuate the long, lean look that joggers provide. Wear a loose fitting collared shirt or a tight fitting black/white polyester t-shirt underneath the jacket for a clean business casual look. 

Be careful when washing a polyester t-shirt. Read can you shrink polyester?

2. Wear your joggers with a denim jacket

Denim jackets have become increasingly popular as of late, and this trendy piece of clothing is a great complement to a pair of smart black joggers and black shirt, finished off with a pair of low cut white shoes. 

Denim jackets have a tight yet relaxed fit because denim jackets are rarely, if ever, worn with the buttons done up. If you are a slender and tall man you may want to wear a black collared shirt, tucked into black pinstripe joggers, with white shoes, and a denim jacket. 

Learn more on how to style joggers with this style guide.

3. Wear a blazer with your jogger outfit

A thin and well fitting blazer is the perfect match when wearing your joggers to work. Blazers, just like reading glasses, immediately make you look more intelligent, and looking more intelligent is always a good thing at work. 

Have fun with the color of blazer you choose to wear with your joggers. Play with different color combinations and find the best color pairings for you.

4. Use trench coats and pea coats to dress up your joggers

Trench Coats and  pea coats are a fantastic way to dress up joggers for work. Both trench coats as well as pea coats give you a long and  slim look, which nicely compliments your tight and skinny fitting joggers. Use layering underneath your coat to create a highly stylish business casual outfit to wear to work. 

Learn more on how to dress up joggers with this style guide

5. Wear linen button up shirts with Your joggers

Joggers and a linen shirt is likely the most comfortable outfit you could wear to the office and still get away with it 

Linen is a lightweight, super soft, and drapey fabric that is meant to have a loose, relaxed fit on your body. A loose fitting white linen shirt is the perfect top to wear with black, grey, or beige jogger bottoms. 

6. Pair a thick wool knit sweater with joggers

Having a few wool sweaters in your wardrobe is essential for any man, and luckily for us, these types of sweaters are fantastic tops to pair with joggers. 

7. Wear your joggers with white shoes

If you can’t decide on a pair of shoes to wear with your jogger outfit, smart white sneakers are always the dependable default choice. Low cut white sneakers go with almost any jogger outfit and are also office friendly, as long as they are nice and clean.

Make sure your shoes are clean and fitting properly with our guides.

And don’t forget that the look of your laces is just as important as the shoe itself.

Read more on what shoes to wear with joggers with this style guide.

8. Wear plain black and white t-shirts with your joggers

White and black solid color t-shirts are great staple pieces to have in your wardrobe in order to easily pair with your joggers. Wearing long and slim t-shirts are the best match for joggers, since it will give your body an overall lengthy and lean look. 

Your joggers and plain t-shirt outfit can be dressed up further with a leather jacket, denim jacket, blazer or peacoat. 


Joggers can be worn to work if your outfit is appropriately styled. Pair smart joggers with trench coats, blazers, and high quality sweaters to achieve a business casual look that you can wear at work. 

Joggers should be worn to work together in a smart, business casual outfit. Pair your joggers with solid color tops and blazers, and wear clean and elegant sneakers or loafers. 

Sport and leisure joggers are too casual for work. Smart joggers can be paired with other business casual clothing to give you a trendy on modern look while you are at work. 

You wear joggers in the office by styling and pairing them appropriately. Use business casual clothing around your smart joggers in order to achieve a business casual look that is office ready.