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How to Wear Joggers Fashionably: Men’s Style Tips

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How to Wear Joggers Fashionably

Joggers for Men

When looking to wear your joggers fashionably you will want to think of them as a pair of your favourite jeans. Wear sweatshirts, hoodies and dress shirts and layer as often as you can. Make sure any shoes you put on, or boots, are clean and look as fresh as the pair of joggers you are wearing.

This is How to Wear Joggers Fashionably: Men’s Style Tips.

Fellas welcome to the wonderful world of looking good while feeling comfortable! A fashion movement has brought the jogger into a happy ground between jeans and sweatpants in the last few years.

In the past, you’d rack your brain thinking about what to wear with your sweatpants before going out. Sweatpants are perfect for sitting around home, but styling them for a night out with friends is more complicated.

But who wants to take off those comfortable pants and throw on a pair of jeans?

I got you covered, so you can step up from your sweatpants but still stay insanely comfortable having that beer with friends on a Friday night.

Before I start, let’s make sure you understand the difference between joggers vs sweatpants. If you want to see where the jogger came from, check this article what are joggers? and make sure you know what size joggers you should get.

How do You Wear Joggers in 2022?

Let me tell you how you wear joggers in 2022… any darn way you want!

Fellas, we have been stuck inside for the last two years, stuck between lockdowns and quarantines, wearing sweatpants day after day after day. You most likely picked up a few more pairs of comfortable pants because of this, so use them however you feel comfortable; get out there again and look good doing it.

Make sure you got the right fitting jogger before you start acting on any of these tips: how long should joggers be?

How to Wear Joggers Fashionably for Men

When thinking about how to wear your joggers fashionably, base it on this idea: Think of your joggers as jeans.

Joggers are supposed to fit tight, like a pair of well-fitting jeans. Use this similarity of fit and base your clothing options on supporting the pair of pants.

1. Joggers Outfit

A bold but stylish outfit choice is to buy a complete jogger set. A jogger set will be the jogger pants with a zip-up tracksuit top of the same colour and look, if done well, paired with a clean pair of shoes and a ton of confidence. It can be a fashion statement to set you out from the crowd. 

2. Joggers and Sweatshirt

Add a sweatshirt to your joggers for a consistent, clean look. When pairing your sweatshirt, you will want to make sure its cut works for what you are trying to pull off. Most of the time, I will tell you to have a good fitting sweatshirt with any pair of joggers, but in some cases, a more loose fit can complement the joggers. 

3. Joggers and T-shirt

When putting together your outfit for any occasion, this will be your go-to look. The t-shirt should be the base of any style you are trying to pull off, so make sure it fits nicely, even if you will cover it with a top. 

And make sure it is long enough!

These are some top t-shirt brands that make long t-shirts that fit regular guys, tall men tees or big & tall guys tees.

4. Joggers and Windbreaker

Just like working on styling your favourite pair of jeans, adding layers to your outfit will increase the number of options you have and allow you to change your look up while out. 

When choosing a windbreaker, it’s best to consider how heavy it is and if it is breathable. You do not want to be sweating under your layers if the windbreaker traps in your body heat.

Boost your confidence with this style guide how to style joggers for men.

5. Joggers and Hoodie

Wearing a hoodie with joggers can be a fashionable way to go out. It is more of a laid-back look that can get you by most of the time. However, the look of your sweatshirt will either set you up for success or failure. 

Make sure the hoodie is clean, and the colour compliments the colour of your joggers. Wearing the same hoodie you work out in probably is not the right look.

6. Joggers and Buttoned Shirt

Adding a button-up shirt to your joggers is an excellent call when wearing them for a day at work. You can’t go wrong looking for a more casual flannel shirt or throwing on a dress shirt. Try unbuttoning the shirt when wearing more layers, like a windbreaker, or roll up your dress shirt sleeves for a more casual look.

If your looking for that perfect work fit for your joggers, let this guide how to wear joggers to work help you.

7. Joggers and Denim Jacket

sweatshirt or hoodie. Wearing a denim jacket with your joggers can work with multiple colours and vibes. The biggest thing you want to have is the confidence to wear it with pride.

8. Joggers and Leather Jacket

Another look that can be pulled off with almost any jogger style and colour is putting on your leather jacket. When choosing this route, wearing black leather will give you the most options, but don’t rule out a brown leather jacket. All who see you will remember pulling off a brown leather jacket and joggers.

Check out our guide on how to dress up joggers for more tips like this.

What Shoes to Wear with Joggers

When deciding what shoes to wear with your joggers will depend a lot on what tops you have chosen to wear. Critical points for wearing any shoe or boot are to make sure they are clean, have a low-cut sock (unless you’re going for a look with calf socks), and have the laces fitting well, so they don’t hang long look messy.

The shoes won’t matter if they are dirty. Be sure to wash your shoes and clean your shoelaces often.

Let us help you step out every day with your best shoe game possible.

And don’t forget that your laces can make or break your shoes.

Dive deeper into your shoe game with what shoes to wear with joggers.

What are the Best Tops to Wear with Joggers?

The best tops to wear with joggers are sweatshirts, hoodies and windbreakers. These three options will give you the most choice and opportunities to pair with other layers as you create your look in your closet. 

They will also allow you to adapt your look once you are out for the day, switching them around, layering them and tying them around your waist.

How to Wear Joggers Fashionably FAQ

For men, joggers are supposed to be tight. Fitting snuggly on your calf, not looking baggy on your legs and sitting close to your buttocks.

The difference between joggers vs sweatpants comes in two areas. One being the fabric in joggers are usually different than sweatpants, where sweatpants are usually cotton. The second difference is that sweatpants are baggier and fit looser in many areas, while joggers are a tighter fit all over.

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