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How to Wash Denim: Your Guide

Learn how to wash denim with these tips.

How to Wash Denim

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The first thing you need to know about washing denim is that you do no need to wash it as often as other pieces of fabric. Denim fabric is able to withstand being worn more often through dirt, sweat and day to day grime. However that does not mean they should not be washed at all. When washing your denim treat it with care.

This is How to Wash Denim: Your Guide.

Hey guys, I am glad you have searched ‘how to wash denim’ because this fabric deserves love and attention when cleaning it.

If you are looking for directions on how to wash jeans specifically, or maybe you want to learn how to shrink denim, we got you covered.

To better help you understand your denim, let me share with you a handful of helpful articles on denim.

How to Wash Denim

1. Turn the denim inside out 

To prevent fading and protect any embellishments, turn the denim inside out. Be sure that the cuffs and waist (if your washing denim jeans or denim shorts) are fully turned out.

2. Set the water to cold

Set the washing machine to a cold water cycle (or tap water cycle) and a gentle cycle setting. Using hot water will run the risk of shrinking your jeans.

3. Only use a mild detergent

Use a mild detergent and avoid using too much because this product could harm the denim fabric if too strong.

4. Remove denim right away

Once the cycle is finished, remove the denim promptly and avoid leaving it in the washing machine. You never want to leave denim or any other fabric in the wash once it has finished, for too long. This will leave unwanted wrinkles and it will also quickly create unwanted smells from sitting water.

5. Hang dry for best results

Hang dry / line dry your denim but avoid hanging it in direct sunlight. Otherwise, tumble dry low for a minimal heat setting and check often.

How to Wash Denim: Tips

  • Always use cold water
  • Put in with other denim garments 
  • Put in with like coloured clothing
  • Only use a mild detergent
  • If you want to wash your denim less often then you can starch your denim.


Yes, you are supposed to wash denim. Just like all other fabrics you wear, you want to keep it clean and odourless. However, denim should not be washed as often as other fabrics, like cotton and spandex.

When washing jeans made with mostly denim fabric, you want to wash them in cold water. Use only a mild detergent, and allow them to air dry.

You can put your jeans into the dryer if you choose the tumble dry low setting. However, it is better to air dry your jeans.

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