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How to Wash a Hoodie: 2 Simple Options

Learn how to wash your hoodie.

How to Wash a Hoodie

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To wash a hoodie properly by keeping the fabric soft and not shrinking it, you should wash it in cold water and a delicate setting. For the best long-term care of your hoodie you should wash it by hand in cold water with a tiny bit of soap. Be sure to always turn your hoodie inside out whatever choice you make.

This is How to Wash a Hoodie: 2 Simple Options.

Welcome to our article on how to wash a hoodie. 

Do you wash your hoodie as often as you wash your jeans? 

If you are like me, then both of these pieces of clothing get fewer washes a year than my cat Fluffy does. Denim is a fabric that does better the less you interact with it in this way, and my hoodies are purely for warmth and fashion. 

I always wear shirts under my hoodies and only use my old hoodies as my workout gear, where I do not care if it shrinks.

All this being said, we should clean our hoodies after a time because dust and other particles get caught in the fabric, leaving your hoodie smelling and looking not as ‘fresh.’

Washing your hoodie is needed to keep your hoodie looking and smelling fresh, but many other things will need to be done to keep on top of your game. Check out our other hoodie guides.

Now, let me dive into the steps needed to execute these two actions properly.

How to Wash a Hoodie

As you are probably aware, washing your hoodie incorrectly can shrink it. There may be a reason you want to shrink your hoodie, but now is not one of them. So keep this thought on top of your mind as you go through these steps … HOT WATER SHRINKS CLOTHES.

Follow our other guides to make sure you keep your whole wardrobe clean and in good care.

1. How to Wash a Hoodie in the Washing Machine

  1. Most cotton or cotton-blend hoodies are machine washable. Wool is not, though; the fabric will get damaged in a washing machine and ruin the hoodie. Check the tag, and if your hoodie is made of wool, you’ll need to take it to the dry cleaners (How much does a dry cleaner cost / How much does a dry cleaning take.)
  2. Turn the hoodie inside out. Zip up zippers so they do not catch on other pieces of clothing in the washer. Washing the hoodie this way not only cleans the inside material. It also protects the finish of the outside of the hoodie.
  3. To prevent colour transfer, wash the hoodie with items that have a similar colour. Do not wash your hoodie with towels, as the lint from the towels can end up sticking to the hoodie.
  4. Use cold water and mild detergent when washing your hoodie. Mild detergent is gentle on the material, and cold water helps it keep its shape. Choose the delicate cycle on your washing machine (how long does a washer take?).

How to Wash a Hoodie in the Washing Machine: Tips

  • If your taking your wool hoodies to the dry cleaners, taking your cotton ones as well makes sense,
  • Wash your hoodie in a smaller load to clean it as well as you can.
  • When turning the hoodie inside out, pull the hood and sleeves out of the middle of the garment.
  • Consult the hoodie’s care tag label to see how much detergent you should use.
  • Wash your hoodie in a garment bag.
  • Once washed, dry your hoodie properly.

2. How to Wash a Hoodie with your Hands

  1. Fill a bucket (sink, bathtub) with cold water. You’ll be submerging your hoodie in the cold water, so you want to use a large enough bucket or basin that will allow you to do this.
  2. Apply mild soap or shampoo by rubbing it onto the hoodie. If you’re using bar soap, wet it slightly and rub the inside and outside of your hoodie. If you’re using body wash or shampoo, squeeze a small amount onto a damp cloth and rub the fabric all over the hoodie.
  3. Dunk your hoodie into the basin multiple times to rinse off the soap. Take a cloth and wipe away the excess visible soap or shampoo. If you miss any soap or shampoo, it can stain the hoodie.

How to Wash a Hoodie in the Washing Machine: Tips

  • If you use a bucket, place a large towel underneath it to soak up any spillage.
  • A bucket, basin, Yetti Cooler, and bathtub are good water holders.
  • Apply the soap or shampoo above the water.
  • Run cold water over your soapy hoodie for 90 seconds to ensure all the soap has been removed.

How to Wash a Hoodie FAQ

Yes, you can wash a hoodie in the washing machine. Choose the cold water and delicate setting to be sure you do not shrink or damage the hoodie.

To not ruin the inside of your hoody, turn it inside out before washing it. Also, use cold water and wash it by hand in a basin.

To ensure you do not shrink your hoodie, you should not use the dryer and instead dry it without a dryer. If the hoodie is old or you are not worried about it dropping a size or two, put it in the dryer and choose tumble dry low.

To not lose the softness of your hoodie when washing it, you need to wash your hoodie by hand. Find a basin or use the bathtub and wash your hoodie with a tiny bit of liquid soap and cold water. Finally, lay it flat to dry on a drying rack.

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