My Tall friends, I want to share a pair of glasses I have had in my wardrobe since 2017. 

The Persol, 714 Steve Mcqueens in Havana. 

this is a photo of tall paul wearing persol steve mqueens

Before purchasing these high ticket price sunglasses ($507 USD), I am sure I had never bought a pair for more than $20. Sunglasses to me were something I only wore in the summertime, on a boat or at the beach, and I would constantly forget or drop them in the ocean to have them sink to the bottom and be lost forever. 

But it’s now six years later, and the Steve Mcqueens are my number one glasses to wear. I have not lost them, nor have I forgotten them at any moment. 

I think this speaks volumes to the idea that we take more care and value things that are made with high quality and will last a long time when treated appropriately.

Investing in high-quality clothing and fashion accessories because it will last longer for us tall guys… Something that I will talk about often here. 

As you can see below with the folding hinges Persol has used on the Steve Mcqueens, these glasses are made with the utmost quality and long-term durability to have lasted six years.

this is a photo of persol steve mequeens in havana
this is a photo of persol steve mqueens in havana folding

How to Style Persols Steve Mcqueens for Tall Men

Walking around the city streets of my hometown Vancouver, It was clear the best place to shoot this series was in the neighborhood of Gastown.

How to Style Persols Steve Mqueens for Tall Men

It was a warm spring day, so I pared a flannel and jeans which were the first pair I ever cut myself. I’ll admit it is not the best DIY I have done, but it saved me from paying someone to do it for me. Use these guides to help you alter your jeans:

Both the jeans and flannel are from American Tall’s original line. You  can’t by these exact pieces, but they have a ton more options for you which I have taken the time to review to help you decide whats the best look for your style,

this is a photo of tall paul in gastown wearing american all and persol sunglasses
this is a photo of tall paul in gastown wearing persol steve mqueen sunglasses

You will notice I have rolled up my pant legs. The roll is something I have grown accustomed to doing, even when jeans’ inseams are long enough to fit my frame. 

Generally, all fashion styles can work for any body type or shape. All you need to do is feel confident in how you wear it. Because I am not always able to find jeans that look great and have the proper length, I started rolling my pant legs years ago, so It became a version of me that I am truly confident in wearing.

Confidence plays a big play in our tall mens fashion styling, and I hope this look with the Persol Steve Mcqueens has given you more confidence in your next outfit idea.