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How To Style Joggers For Men In 2023

Let this article guide you through the styling process needed with joggers.

How To Style Joggers

Jogger Pants

Being a man, looking to find help in styling joggers online can be tough! I have you covered with the top tips on how to make sure you are looking fashionable with friends or on your way to work. 3 top tips for styling your joggers are:

  1. Well-fitting joggers
  2. No baggy clothes
  3. Be confident in your choice!

This is How To Style Joggers For Men In 2023.

Have you recently made the switch from sweatpants to joggers? While both of these pants are versatile enough to lounge at home on a rainy Saturday or dress up for a Friday night out at your favourite lounge, a pair of joggers has the upper hand on dressing up options. 

Read joggers vs sweatpants if you are unsure of the difference between the two, and how are joggers supposed to fit to make sure you get the right look.

Luckily for you, if you already have your wardrobe set up to style your most comfortable sweatpants, we can make a few tweaks and have you ready to hit the streets in no time looking fashionably doing it.

How to Style Joggers for Men

Knowing how to style your joggers is based on a key component… what is your confidence level in yourself?

Like most other fashion trends, anything can be pulled off if you feel confident in what you are wearing and show it in how you hold yourself.

If you wear more subdued clothes, colours schemes of darks and lights with not much brightness, you should stick with that same plan for styling your joggers.

Starting from the bottom up, go with a pair of black or white shoes (Chuck Tailors or Nike Air Max.) Put on a pair of black joggers or dark blue joggers with a white t-shirt or grey. And to top it off, throw on a fitted sweater or hoodie. Unlike sweatpants, fitted tops go better with the fitted cut of joggers. 

Let our guide on what shoes to wear with joggers help you find those perfect kicks for your look for the day.

For the more adventurous man, style your joggers with as many colours you can find, layers on top of layers and don’t forget to add a windbreaker or a buttoned shirt that can open up to add that extra layer of fashion.

How to Style Clothes for Men

To help you fellas feel stylish in whatever you choose to base your outfit of the day around, we created these style guides.

What Do you Wear with Joggers?

The best way to think about what to wear with joggers is to treat them like jeans. What would you wear with a pair of jeans?

Here are a few ideas to mix and match when putting together your look. And for more insight read my article what to wear with joggers.

1. Shoes and Joggers

  • Adidas Solarglide
  • Nike Blazer Low
  • New Balance 574 Rugged

2. T-shirts and Joggers

  • American Tall Men’s Tall Regular Fit
  • Mac Weldon Silver Crew Neck
  • Buck Mason Pima Curved

3. Sweaters and Joggers

  • Everlane The Grade – A – Cashmere Crew
  • Champion Reverse Weave Hoodie

How to Style Joggers for Work

When styling your joggers for work, you will first want to see if there are any rules regarding what type of clothing can be worn at the office. When wearing your joggers for work, you will want to make sure everything is fitted. No baggy joggers, no loose t-shirts or loose tops. 

Make sure you have the right fitting pair of joggers with this article how are joggers supposed to fit?

When picking your shoes, make sure they are clean, with no dirt marks or scuffs. A good choice is to go with white sneakers or even low-cut dress shoes with no socks showing.

For a shirt, you should either go with a proper fitting t-shirt or an untucked dress shirt that is cut well for your physique. Unlike when heading out with friends, you will not want to layer your joggers look at work.

This article how to wear joggers to work will add more flavour to your style.

Tops to Wear with Joggers

Luckily for you, joggers are like jeans and pair well with many different types of tops. Once again, stick with your confidence and comfort when deciding what top, or tops to wear with your joggers for the day. Layering many tops can be a bold move, but when pulled off, it works!

1. T-shirts and Joggers

When buying t-shirts, with your joggers in mind, you will want to focus on the length of the shirt and the cut from your chest down. Baggie t-shirts and joggers are not pulled off often, and a short t-shirt will ruin any look you are going for. Look for tall t-shirts.

2. Sweatshirts and Joggers

With sweatshirts, you can play around with the size. A tight hem and baggy hem around the waist can work, while the same goes for the amount of billow in your stomach and chest. 

3. Hoodies and Joggers

Hoodies are like sweatshirts when it comes to options. Tight and loose both will work depending on what you are pairing them with, plus you can even go shorter than usual on the length if you are wearing a long T-shirt. Find the perfect long hoodie for your look.

4. Windbreakers and Joggers

Windbreakers are a great way to add an extra layer to your jogger outfit without having to add excess weight/heat to your body. Wear your windbreaker unzipped if you have a hoodie or sweatshirt underneath. You can zip up the windbreaker with only a long T underneath it.

5. Button-up Shirts and Joggers

If it is flannel or something more dressed up, wearing a long buttoned-up shirt is a great way to dress up your joggers if you are heading to work or have a more stylish occasion to attend. When wearing a dress-style shirt, you want to be sure it is a good cut on you, tight in the right areas, and is long enough not to let the waist string show.

How Do I Look Fashionable in Joggers?

Looking fashionable in joggers is easy if you feel fashionable in wearing them! Some key areas to remember when wanting to know how to dress up joggers are:

  • Make sure everything is clean (especially shoes.)
  • Keep your t-shirt, sweatshirts and any other top a close fit (not baggy.)
  • Think of dressing up like your wearing a nice pair of jeans or slacks!

Also, make sure everything is in order. If you washed your joggers and the waistband string came out, be sure to fix it at once. Our article on how to put string back in joggers is the perfect step-by-step guide for you.

Your shoe game is a major player when it comes to any outfit you pick, especially with joggers. Having a tight elastic cuff holding the pant leg an inch or two above your shoe will bring more attention to your shoes compared to a pair of jeans.

Follow our guides on making sure you sneakers are in tip-top condition.

We got you covered for with the full fashionable guide how to wear joggers fashionably.

How to Style Joggers FAQ

To wear joggers fashionably as a man, make sure the joggers are fitted properly first and foremost. Then wear a clean pair of sneakers, along with a flannel dress shirt or a well fitted sweater.

A classic look that always looks good is a crisp white, grey or black t-shirt. You can layer on-top of the tee a sweater, dress shirt, casual shirt or light windbreaker.

The best tops to wear with joggers are windbreakers, sweaters or unbuttoned shirts.

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