Hey guys, do you have a denim clothing garment that’s a bit too tight?

Perhaps they are an old pair of jeans or a hand-me-down denim jacket that needs a little extra room. Stretching denim or learning how to soften denim will help get rid of rigid uncomfortable wear.

Let me show you how to stretch denim, and then look through our full denim guide.

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How To Stretch Denim

How To Stretch Denim

Total Time: 30 min

Cost: $0

Try out one of these four options to stretch your denim. You may also combine a few of these together for optimal stretching.

1. Stretch the denim while wet

Wear the denim while damp: After washing your denim, put them on while they are still damp and wear them until they dry. The heat and humidity generated by your body will cause the fibers to stretch and the denim to become looser.

Wash the denim in cold or tap cold water. Washing the denim in hot water can have the opposite effect on your denim and you might shrink your denim.

This is a photo of jeans going into the washing machine to get wet to stretch

2. Stretch the denim with your hands

While the denim is still damp, use your hands to stretch out any tight areas. Pull, tug, and stretch the denim in different directions to help loosen the fibers. This works especially well when your wanting to stretch your jeans waist.

this is a photo of jeans being stretched by hands

3. Stretch the denim with heat

Put the denim in the dryer on low heat with a damp towel. As the denim and towel dry, they will stretch.

Check in on your denim every 10 minutes when doing this. When all moister dries up you will start shrinking your denim, not stretching it.

this is a photo of jeans in the dryer to be stretch after when hot

4.Use a denim stretcher

These are special tools that are made to stretch denim. They work by pulling the denim in different directions to help loosen the fibers.

Please keep in mind that stretching denim may cause it to lose its shape and structure. It’s always a good idea to check the care tag on the denim garment for any specific instructions before attempting to stretch it. Additionally, it’s important to note that once denim is stretched, it can’t be shrunk back to its original size.

How to stretch denim: quick tips

  • When stretching denim, you cannot shrink it back to its original size.
  • Stretching & shrinking your denim too much will cause it to wear and tear.


Yes, you can stretch out denim. Water, heat, a denim stretcher and the power of your own two hands can do this for you.

It does not take long for denim to stretch. If you are prepared to stretch your denim, it can take less than 20 minutes.

You can stretch your denim at home DIY style using one of the following: heat, water, denim stretcher, or bare hands.