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How to Starch Clothes in Washing Machine: Full Guide

Learn how to add starch to clothes in your washing machine

How to Starch Clothes in Washing Machine

Laundry Starch

To starch your clothes in the washing machine you will first want to run the load through a full wash cycle. Only once the wash is done will you then reset the wash back to the start of then ‘rinse cycle.’ This is when you add your liquid starch to the machine and let the load run through the rinse cycle, this time with liquid starch being added to it.

This is How to Starch Clothes in Washing Machine: Full Guide.

Welcome to our article, taking you through the steps needed to starch your clothes in the washing machine. 

Starching your clothes will help them become dirt-resistant and stiffen them up more, adding a slight sheen. Most people starch their jeans over other clothing for cleanliness and safety purposes. Learn more about why do people starch their jeans.

And check out these other garments you can starch at home.

How to Starch Clothes in Washing Machine

  1. Put all the clothes into the washing machine that you want starched. 
  2. Run the entire course of the washing machine (how long does a washer take?). Prewashing if clothes are filthy.
  3. After the rinse cycle is over, reset the machine back to the final rinse cycle.
  4. When using liquid starch, shake the bottle to ensure even distribution. If you’re using powder starch, mix 1-2tbsp of starch in a cup of water and stir to ensure the starch is well mixed with the water. 
  5. Pour the liquid starch into the detergent drawer. Add in a bit of water to help the solution into the basin.
  6. Press the run button and let the rinse cycle complete.

Follow the same rules as you would with any wash and wash white clothes with whites, wash dark clothes with darks and wash colored clothes with colored.

Or if your like me and have no time for all that, just wash your clothes in one go and cross your fingers.

Once your clothes have been starched put them away properly by folding your clothes or hanging them up in the closet.

How to Starch Clothes in Washing Machine: Tips

  • When searching, ensure that the washer is not overloaded and the water level covers your laundry completely.
  • Read the instructions on the starch container to avoid overstarching. This can cause scorching when ironing and make the clothes uncomfortable to wear.
  • When starching colored garments, it is better to have them inside out before applying the starch.

How to Starch Clothes in Washing Machine FAQ

You can put starch in laundry in multiple ways. Adding the starch mixture to your laundry during the rinse cycle and spraying your clothes with a starch/water combination are the most common.

Yes, you can use cornstarch in the washing machine. Be sure to use the correct amount and don’t overdo it. Also, add the starch during your second rinse cycle.

You only need to soak your clothes in starch for 10-15 minutes. This first depends on how you plan to finalize your starching, with an iron or sticking in the washing machine.

Yes, you can use liquid stiffener (starch) in the washing machine. Add it to the machine after you entirely go through one cycle and do your second rinse cycle.

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