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How to Soften Denim: The Guide

Use these useful guide to softening any of your denim.

How to Soften Denim

Denim Fabric

There are a handful of ways to soften denim. Denim jeans, denim jacket, denim overalls they all are treated the same when it comes to softening them. Soaking the denim is one of he more constant focuses especially when adding other substances like vinegar, backing soda, shampoo or fabric softener. But don’t forget that the best way to soften denim is to wear it down naturally.

This is How to Soften Denim: The Guide.

Hey guys, 100% denim is a very rigid and rough fabric—especially those first months of putting on a new pair of jeans.

If your dealing with a new pair of jeans, I suggest you wear the denim as often and let it gradually soften around your body parts and natural movements. However, if you’re dealing with a rigid piece of denim that needs to be addressed immediately, then learn how to soften denim with our top 5 ways.

Another option would be to learn how to stretch denim.

For all of your denim needs, we have answered all the questions that may come up.

How to Soften Denim

Here are five different ways to soften denim. You can also use a few of these together to soften your denim.

1. Wash your denim

Wash denim in a washing machine with fabric softener. Use the tap water or cold water function. Do not wash with hot water because heat will shrink the denim.

Try not to wash your denim with different fabrics and always wash with the same type of colours and shades.

2. Add vinegar

Add a cup of white vinegar to the final rinse cycle of the wash to help soften and add shine to the denim.

3. Put in the dryer

Once the denim is dry, put it in the dryer on low heat for about 20 minutes. The dryer will help beat up and soften the denim, but be careful on how hot it gets. Use the Tumble Dry Low setting.

If he denim feels soft enough for you after the wash then you should air dry the denim instead. Hang dry or lay flat.

4. Soak the denim

Soak denim in fabric softener for a few hours, then wash and dry. It is always best to hang dry/line dry your denim and leave it out of the drying machine.

5. Soften naturally

Wear the denim as much as possible. The denim will become softer and more comfortable with wear and use.

Please be aware that over-softening can lead to the denim to lose its shape and structure, so it’s important to find a balance that works for you. It’s also always a good idea to check the care tag on the denim garment for any specific instructions before attempting to soften it.


The fastest way to soften jeans is to soak the denim in fabric softener for two hours, then wash and dry them normally. This will take 3-4 hours.

Yes, washing denim will make it softer.

You soften a stiff jean jacket by washing and drying it. The best way to soften your stiff jean jacket is to wear it often and naturally let is soften around your limbs and body parts.

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