Hey guys, in this article I am going to show you how to roll your sweatpants so you can get the most space in your check-in luggage. Have you tried folding your clothes while packing before? It doesn’t get things compact enough!

However, if you don’t know how to wash your sweatpants properly so you prevent them from shrinking, then there is no reason to fold them.

Wash them properly then allow them to dry with no further altering of the cotton fabric. Try dry flat or learn other ways to dry your sweatpants without a dryer. Dirty or shrunken sweatpants should stay on your bedroom floor.

Sweatpants can take up a lot of space in our suitcase, especially thick sweatpants. Use our methods to roll and fold your sweatpants into a neat collection in order to save space and maintain the quality of your clothes. 

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How To Roll Sweatpants

How To Roll Sweatpants

The block roll is a great way to save space in your luggage or bag, and is the perfect way to roll your sweatpants while traveling.

1. Lay your sweatpants flat

Lay your sweatpants flat on an ironing board, bed, or table.

this is a pair of sweatpants laid flat

2. Fold your sweatpants in half by the waist

Fold your sweatpants in half by the waist, so that the backside is now facing upwards, and the front side is hidden inwards.

this is a photo of sweatpants folded in half to roll

3. Take one sweatpants leg and fold it

Take one pant leg, and fold it in a 90° angle outwards at the knee.

this is a photo of one sweatpant leg folded at 90 degress

4. Grab the sweatpants at the waistline

Grab the sweatpants at the waistline, and begin to roll the sweatpants downwards by the elastic waist.

this is a pair of sweatpants grabbed at the waistline

5. Pull the sweatpants leg over

Once you have reached the bottom you will find that one pant leg is hanging loose. Pull the pant leg over top of the roll, and begin to stuff the roll into this pant leg.

this is a photo of the sweatpant leg left over to pull over

6. Finish the sweatpants block roll

The pant leg should now be inside out, and the rest of the sweatpants should be contained inside, similar to how you might roll a sleeping bag. 

this is how to roll your sweaptants into a block roll

How To Roll Sweatpants For Packing

The best way to roll sweatpants for packing is by using the block roll method. The block roll method will allow you to save space in your bag, while also reducing the amount of wrinkles your sweatpants may develop while stored in the luggage.

Using the block roll on all your clothing garments will save a great deal of space in your suitcase and will allow you to bring more types of clothing on your travels.


Take the bottom hem of your sweatpants and fold them upwards about 6cm. Make sure the material is smooth, with no wrinkles or creases. Proceed to grab the top of the cuff, then fold the hem in behind the back, towards the pant leg. Once again smooth out the fabric to make sure the fold is clean and smooth. Repeat for the other leg.

Rolling thick sweatpants can be difficult, however by using the block roll method and some elastic bands, it can be done. First fold the sweatpants in half by the waist. Grab the sweatpants at the elastic waistband and proceed to roll down to the ankles, keeping the roll tight at all times. Once you have completely rolled the sweatpants, use elastic bands on each end to condense the roll and keep it in place.

To fold sweatpants nicely, first fold the pants in half across the waist, so that the sweatpants now appear to be one legged. Grab the sweatpants at the ankle and bring them to the waist. Grab the sweatpants once again at the bottom where the knee would usually be, and bring it once again to the waistline. Your sweatpants should now be nicely folded and ready for storage or packing.