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How to Roll Jeans: 4 Simple Methods

Learn how to roll your jeans

How to Roll Jeans

Cuffed Jeans

To cuff your jeans you will want to make sure they are clean and dried properly. Once you have put on the jeans, roll the denim up an inch or two, depending on the type of cuff you are making. Fold each roll with your thumb towards your leg. You will make anywhere from 1-4 rolls, depending on the type of roll you are wanting to do.

This is How to Roll Jeans: 4 Simple Methods.

Welcome to our article on how to roll jeans. 

Rolling your jeans is a great way to dress up your jeans and highlight a pair of shoes you want to wear specifically for an outfit choice. 

Once you are done wearing your jeans, take the roll out if you are going to wash your jeans. I also suggest un-roll the jeans hem if you’re going to hang or fold your jeans to put them away.

How to Roll Jeans

You can also refer to rolling your jeans as “cuffing.” We created this article on how to cuff jeans as well.

"If you like to wear your pants a little longer or if you don’t want to deal with getting them hemmed, you can always rely on rolling your denim up."

1. How to Skinny Roll

  1. Choose your pair of jeans. For men’s styles, the super skinny cuff works for slim and straight-legged jeans. These jeans can also be labelled “skinny” or “slim fit” and usually have a bit of stretch to the fabric.
  2. Create the first fold. At the bottom of both legs of your jeans, fold the hem upward to create a very skinny cuff. This cuff should measure about ½ in width and should consist of only the bottom hem being folded.
  3. Make the second fold. Fold the bottom of the jeans again to create a double hemline cuff. This cuff should still be relatively ½ wide. Smooth out the edges of the cuff, so your folds are even in size and are uniform.

How to Skinny Roll: Tips

  • For women’s styles, the super skinny cuff looks best with very form-fitting jeans, often labelled “skinny” jeans
  • This cuff looks good for women’s styles with hi-rise and low-rise shoes.
  • For men’s styles, this cuff works well with thinner, lighter fabrics and looks good with slender-shaped shoes.

2. How to Wide Roll

  1. Choose your pair of jeans. For men’s styles, this cuff works on looser, longer, and heavier jeans.
  2. Create the first fold. Fold the bottom of both legs of your jeans upward. For women’s styles, this fold is usually about 2 inches wide. This fold is generally thicker for men’s styles, about 3-5 inches wide.
  3. Make the second fold. For women’s styles, fold the 2-inch cuff again to make a double cuff. For men’s styles, usually the one, a large cuff is sufficient to create a wide cuff look.

How to Wide Roll: Tips

  • For women’s styles, this casual cuff looks best on looser-fitting jeans. A loose, straight-legged pair of jeans would work well, but this cuff would also work on jeans labelled as “slouchy” or “boyfriend” jeans.
  • The men’s style allows you to cuff your pants again if desired. Just be aware that the look might not be what you aim for, as another large cuff will be reasonably high up your calf.
  • This cuff is best for a casual look paired with sneakers for women’s styles.
  • For men’s styles, this cuff worked well with heavier jeans and paired with boots.

3. How to Double Roll

  1. Choose your pair of jeans. The double roll works best with more fashionable or skinny-fit jeans. This is a classic roll to do on a day out or at work.
  2. Take the bottom of your jeans and flip them up. Create an overlap of about an inch or less.
  3. Roll the hem a second time. Making the second roll slightly wider than the first.
  4. Smooth the roll. Ensure it’s an even width front-to-back and height on each leg.

How to Double Roll: Tips

  • This role is done more efficiently with lightweight fabrics.

4. How to Pin Roll

  1. Choose your pair of jeans. Choosing any jeans works for this as long as the fabric isn’t already very snug around the ankle.
  2. Pinch the fabric on the inside of your ankle so it’s a snug fit.
  3. Fold the denim over towards your heel.
  4. With your thumb holding the fold against your leg, use both hands to roll the jeans up over themselves. Make sure the first roll is 1-2 inches wide.
  5. Roll the pants one to two more times. This ensurers the fold doesn’t easily come undone.

How to Pin Roll: Tips

  • Pin Roll can also be referred to as a Tapered Roll.
  • Use loose jeans that you need to put on a belt to keep them up.

How to Roll Jeans FAQ

Yes, rolling up your jeans is safe for you and the denim fabric. Rolling up your jeans can also make you safer riding your bicycle!

The best way to roll up your jeans when too long is to use the double roll or the pin roll.

To roll jean cuffs, you first want to ensure you have the correct type of jeans. Then simply roll up the cuff as often as needed, depending on the roll you are going for.

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