Welcome to our article on how to replace aglet’s. Sometimes your aglet will get caught in a door, ripped off as you walk, or crushed in some way. 

Before replacing the aglet, I would stop and think, is it worth the time?

And will you be able to find an aglet that matches? 

With the cheap cost of producing aglet’s and the ability to add lettering or different colours, it may be hard to find a matching aglet. If that is so, buying a new pair of shoelaces may be wiser.

How to Replace Aglet's

When your shoelace aglet breaks, you will first want to visit your shoe brand’s website and see if they have the same aglet to sell individually. This will make it easier to find the same look. If they don’t, then head to amazon.

  1. Remove the old aglet. They may be difficult to remove because they are usually attached to the shoelace fibres. A pair of needle-nose pliers or tweezers might help. 
  2. Prepare the shoelace ends. If the ends are frayed and fluffy, you can moisten them a bit to see if they will stick together and insert them into the new aglet. 
  3. Measure your shoelace width if needed. When getting a new aglet, you may need to determine the width of your shoelace end. Some aglet’s only fit on specific widths. Using a millimetre ruler should work to find the size for most aglet’s. 
  4. Place the aglet over the lace end. The simplest aglet would be a heat shrink tube. Just cut the tube to the length you want and place it over the shoelace. Then use a hair dryer to shrink the tube over the shoelace end. 
  5. Cut the aglet end if needed. Once both aglet’s are on, check to see if the laces have extra fibres sticking out and if the aglet’s are the same length. Cut them to match each other if needed.

How to Replace Aglet's: Tips

  • If you are having trouble removing the old aglets after a couple of minutes, consider cutting the shoelace just before the aglet if you have enough shoelace length available.
  • If the end is the right size except for the very end, you use a lighter to singe the ends.

How to Replace Aglets with Glue

Here is a way to fix your broken aglet in 20 minutes. I would use this for an old pair of shoes you wear around the home or in the yard often. I do not suggest doing this for your out-and-about shoes.

Tools needed to replace aglet’s with glue:

  • Glue
  • Thread
  • Toothpaste
  1. Apply some glue on the frayed end. You can dab a glue stick onto the frayed part or dip the shoelace end into a bottle of liquid glue.
  2. Wrap it tightly with thread. Start a cm below the initial fraying. Wrap the thread as tight as possible, slowly up the end of the shoelace.
  3. Tie both ends of the thread & leave it to dry. Make sure the thread will stay tight for a minimum of 10 minutes, so it stays.
  4. Apply toothpaste & leave it to dry. Using your finger, take a dab of toothpaste (white) and coat the threaded area with it. Leave for 5 minutes.
  5. Make it tidy. Rub down the toothpaste, so it’s even and gives it a bit of a shine. Then using a sharp pair of scissors or knife, snip the end off, making it a clean finish to your new ‘aglet.’
  6. Now you are ready to re-lace your shoes (try the straight lace or ladder lace.)


To get a replacement aglet, you will want to go to the shoe brands website to see if they sell them. If they don’t, you will then want to head to amazon to find the widest selection of aglet options.

To reattach metal aglets, you will want to use a pair of pliers or a metal clamping tool as a substitute.