Welcome to this article on how to put a string back in your hoodie. 

Your hoodie string can be pulled out from many daily actions. However, the most common reason is if you forget to tie it when putting it through the washer (learn how to wash a hoodie properly) and dryer (learn how to dry a hoodie properly). 

If, by chance, you still find your hoodie stringless, use our steps below to put it back with the least amount of stress possible.

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How To Put String Back In Hoodie

Total Time: 10 min

Cost: $0.05

  • Buy a pack of large safety pins

Supplies & Tools

  • Large safety pin
this is a photo of a large safety pin to put string back in hoodie

The simplest way to not have to re-string your hoodie is to tie the strings together before you put it into the washer and drier.

1. Pull out drawstring fully from hoodie

If your drawstring is starting to come out but is still stuck in the casing, go ahead and pull it out. Re-inserting the drawstring is more manageable than feeding it back through the casing without a tool.

this is a photo of a drawstring fully pulled out of hoodie

2. Secure large safety pin to drawstring

Secure a large safety pin to 1 end of the drawstring. Ensure that the safety pin will fit through the casing and secure it about 1⁄2 inch (1.3 cm) from the end of the drawstring.

this is a photo of a large safety pin secured on the drawstring

3. Insert the safety pin into hoodie eyelet

Insert the safety pin into the eyelet. Locate the eyelets, the circular openings where your drawstring comes out. Push the safety pin into 1 of the eyelets and pull it through the fabric until it reaches the other eyelet.

4. Hold safety pin and scrunch fabric over it

Hold the safety pin in place with one hand and use your other hand to scrunch the fabric casing toward the pin, so it bunches up. Then, hold the safety pin in place with your other hand and pull the bunched-up fabric away with the opposite hand.

5. Continue bunching the fabric over safety pin

Continue to bunch the casing up to the safety pin and pull the fabric away, so your safety pin moves through the casing. Repeat this until the safety pin comes out of the other end of the fabric casing.

this is a photo of safety pin being bunched through a hoodie

6. Pull drawstrings to match lengths

Pull the drawstring until both ends are equal lengths. Then, remove the safety pin. Tie a large knot at the ends, or add an aglet at the end, so you don’t lose the string again.

this is a photo of a drawstring pulled fully through a hoodie

How to put a string back in hoodie: quick tips

  • Buy a skirt pin, which is larger and sturdier than standard safety pins.
  • You can also use a paperclip if you don’t have a safety pin.
  • Hold the safety pin well so you don’t lose it inside the casing.
  • Make the knots larger than the eyelets so the drawstring doesn’t slip back into the casing.

Optional Tools To Use

1. Use a bodkin

A Bodkin looks like a large, dull sewing needle with a hole at the end. Push 4 inches (10 cm) of the drawstring through the hole and then push the bodkin through the casing of your garment. If your bodkin has a clamp on the end instead of a large hole, open it and put the end of the drawstring under it before you clamp it closed.

2. Use a straw

Push 1 inch (2.5 cm) of a drawstring end into a straw and staple it, so it goes into the drawstring. Then, push the empty end of the straw through the eyelet. Keep pulling the straw through the casing, so the drawstring comes out the other side.

3. Use a bent wire hanger

Untwist the hook and shape it into a long straight wire. Then, bend the straight end to create a small curve and push the drawstring through the curve. Push the hooked end of the wire through the eyelet and keep moving the wire until the drawstring comes out on the other side.

4. Use a rounded pen cap

Look for a pen that has a pocket clip and wrap the drawstring around the clip. Then, slide the opposite end of the pen through the casing. Feel the pen through the fabric and pull it through the casing. 


To get the string back inside your hoodie you can use a pin, bodkin, bent wire hanger or rounded pen cap.

To put a drawstring back into any piece of clothing (joggers, sweatpanrs or hoodie) attach a pin to the end of the string and cinch it back through the casing.