Welcome to our article on how to put on a belt buckle.

Changing your belt buckle is an often forgotten quick and easy way to modify your outfit. Adding a different belt buckle style can dress up or down your look.

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How To Put On A Belt Buckle

  1. Double-check your belt. You need to make sure that the belt you plan on using can have its buckle changed. Often, the more expensive belts allow you to change the buckle. 
  2. Position the belt buckle. Put the belt buckle you plan on using right next to the belt’s end to help you ensure that the buckle is facing in the right direction.
  3. Attach the buckle. Unsnap the snaps at the belt’s end if you want to push the studs through their holes. This will free up the end of the belt.
  4. Feed the belt end through the loop. The end of the buckle should maneuver to align the holes or snaps with the studs. Then, figure out what kind of connectors are used by your belt.
  5. Reattach the end of the belt. If your belt has snaps, make sure you snap them back together. If your belt uses holes or studs, make sure you push the studs through the holes.
  6. Check the look of your new belt buckle. Make sure it is lined up correctly and centred.

How to put on a belt buckle: Quick tips

  • If your belt has snaps or studs along the end of it, you will be able to change the buckle.
  • Canvas or braided belts may or may not have a clasp that you can change.

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A buckle can attach to a belt in a few different ways. One uses snaps, and another uses studs to make the attachement.

No, you can’t put belt buckles on any belt. The belt needs to have the option to host a new buckle. More expensive belts will allow you to add a new belt buckle.