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How to Measure Thighs: Men’s Guide

Learn how to measure your thigh.

How to Measure Thighs

Thigh Circumference

Here is how to measure your thigh circumference. Stand with feet shoulder width apart and wrap the measuring tape around the thigh. Aim for where the bottom of your butt meets the top of your thigh. Keep the sewing tape close to your skin, but don’t strangle it. Make it easier by getting your friend to do this.

This is How to Measure Thighs: Men’s Guide.

Welcome to your guide to measuring your thighs. 

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Tools needed to measure your thigh:

  • Sewing tape measure

Grabbing the measuring tape out of your toolbox will not work for this job; you need a flexible tape that can hug your skin.

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How to Measure Thighs

1. Stand properly

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart.

this is a photo of tall paul standing properly to get his thigh measured

2. Wrap tape around thigh

Wrap the measuring tape around the thickest part of your thigh, where the bottom of your butt meets the top of your thighs. 

this is tall paul wrapping the measuring tape around his thigh

3. Keep tape snug

Keep the tape snug but not tight, and ensure that the tape measure is level from front to back.

this is tall paul keeping the tape snug on his thigh

How to Measure Thighs: Tips

  1. Use a sewing tape (or use a string and measure the amount used with a ruler once off your leg.)
  2. Do not strangle your leg with the measuring tape.
  3. Instead, allow for a bit of air between it and your skin.
  4. Do not flex your leg muscles (quad or hammies) while taking the measurement. 
  5. Grab a friend if possible to measure your thigh circumference for the most accurate reading.

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How to Measure Thigh FAQ

A normal thigh sized ranges between 21 to 23 inches for both men and women. This range is sometimes called ‘medium sized thighs.’

A 26 inch thigh is considered big. The general public will range between 21 to 23 inches, be it a man or woman. However a 26 inch thigh may vary between fat and muscle density.

A thigh that measure below 20 inches can be considered as skinny, depending on the age of the person. Grown up men with 19 inches or below thigh size is skinny.

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