Hey guys, welcome to our article on helping you get that perfect fitting suit jacket.

Ideally, you’ll need help from another person to ensure you get the most accurate measurements. It is common to have a difference in length for each arm.

Depending on how significant that difference is, be prepared to have your sleeves altered. The sleeve length can be shortened or lengthened and these alterations are fairly common and inexpensive.

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How To Measure Sleeve Length For Jacket

How To Measure Sleeve Length For Jacket

Total Time: 10 min

Cost: $0

  • Buy your sewing tape measure for $3.59

Supplies & Tools:

  • Sewing tape measure
  • A friend
Sewing tape measure
this is a photo of a friend to measure sleeve length for jacket
A friend

To learn how to measure sleeve length for a jacket for men, follow the steps below. Keep in mind, the sleeve length on your jacket will be shorter than the sleeve length of your shirt so we did a separate article to show you how to do that measurement properly.

1. Measure from your spine at the base of your neck

Measure from your spine in the center of the back of your neck, to the end of your shoulder, at the top of your arm.

this is a photo of a sewing tape being put on the base of the neck to measure sleeve length for jacket
this is a photo of the base of spine being measured to shoulder for sleeve length of jacket

2. Measure from shoulder to just above wrist

Let your arm hang relaxed, keep a slight bend in your elbow. Then Measure from your shoulder to just above your wrists, never past the heel of your palm, or where you would like your jacket sleeve to land.

this is a photo of sewing tape being measure to just above wrist for jacket sleeve length measurement

3. Add the two measurements for jacket sleeve length

Add the two measurements together. You may need to round up to an available size unless you are having a suit jacket tailored to your exact measurements.

This is a photo of tall pauls sleeve length of jacket fitting to perfection

   Note: If you keep your arm perfectly straight, you’ll end up with a sleeve that is too short, and you won’t have enough room for your arm to move comfortably.

We know that this wont be the only measurement you need in perfecting your wardrobe, so we created an in-depth list of clothing measurements for you.

Jacket Sleeve Length Size Chart

Sleeve Regular (5’8” - 6’2”)

Size Sleeve Length
S 32 - 33
M 33 - 34
L 34 - 35
XL 35 - 36

Sleeve Long (6’1” - 6’3”)

Size Sleeve Length
LT 36.5 - 37
XLT 37 - 37.5
2XT 37.5 - 38
3XT 38 - 38.5
4XT 38.5 - 39
5XT 39 - 39.5
6XT 39.5 - 40

Sleeve X-Long (6’3” and above)

Size Sleeve Length
LT 37 - 37.5
XLT 38 - 38.5
2XT 38.5 - 39
3XT 39 - 39.5
4XT 39.5 - 40
5XT 40 - 40.5
6XT 40.5 - 41

How Jacket Sleeve Length Should Fit for Tall Men

As a tall man, you’ll likely need to do some research before going into a shop or ordering online to ensure they offer T (Tall) sizing. If you are shopping online, knowing your measurements will help you choose the right size. When you get the opportunity to try on your jacket, as a rule of thumb; a jacket sleeve should land just above your wrists, never past the heel of your palm.

Using a dress shirt and some quick visuals, you can get an idea of the proper fit of a jacket sleeve length for tall men fairly easily. Lay your arms at your sides in a relaxed position. You should not see more than 1.00” of the shirt sleeve cuff. You can also use the cuff buttons on your shirt for reference, the jacket sleeves should completely cover the buttons on the shirt cuff. Finally, the jacket sleeve length should never pass the heel of your palm.

Showing .25”-.50” of your shirt cuff, generally speaking, is the perfect balance between trendy and classic. Knowing how to measure sleeve length for a jacket for tall men, will help you achieve this balance, hopefully get you the right fit and save you time.

Once more, base your jacket sleeve length on where it lands when your arms are at your sides, relaxed, with a slight bend in your elbow.

How Much Can Your Tailored Clothing Garment Be Altered?

If you are unable to find the right fit off the rack, even if they offer T (Tall) sizes, always check for the companies’ tailoring policies. If you’ve found a suit or a jacket you really like, knowing the companies’ tailoring policies can help you score that item, without compromise.

Some retailers work with local tailors, others have their own in-house tailors, either way there is always some wiggle room in the hem or seams to help with adjustments. Using the same tailor offered by the retailer, will increase your chances they have scraps of the same fabric, which will allow them to lengthen the sleeve of a jacket if you need to alter beyond what the hem will allow. On average, jacket sleeves lengths can be increased or decreased by up to .75”. Note that jackets with functioning buttons, might be more of a challenge for dramatic alterations.

Finally, altering the sleeve length of a jacket for tall men is a fairly common and an easy adjustment. If the retailor does not cover the cost, you can expect to spend $25-$45.


To measure your sleeve length start at the base of your neck and measure down your shoulders. Keeping your arms relaxed, measure down to your wrist. That is your sleeve length measurement.

The correct length of your jacket sleeve should end right above your wrist bone (or the hinge of your wrist.)

To measure your sleeve length for a winter jacket you want to follow the same exact steps as measure your sleeve length normally. Instead of stoping at your wrist bone you will stop 1 inch past it.