How to Measure Shorts Inseam: Men’s Guide

Learn how to measure your shorts inseam here.

How to Measure Shorts Inseam

Men's Guide

To measure your shorts inseams lay the shorts out flat with inseam at the center of the leg. Measure from the crotch to the edge of the leg along the inseam to the hem. Be sure there are no creases in your shorts, for these will change the true measurement.

This is How to Measure Shorts Inseam: Men’s Guide.

Let me show you the step-by-step process to measure the inseam of your shorts. 

Use these exact steps when ordering anything online, like tailored/bespoke shorts.

Tools that will be needed to measure your shorts inseam:

  • Pair of shorts that you like
  • Flat surface
  • Sewing tape

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How to Measure Shorts Inseam

  1. Find a pair of shorts that fit you the best.
  2. Lay your shorts down, preferably on a flat surface like the kitchen table or floor.
  3. Fold your shorts so that each leg is on top of the other.
  4. Lift the top shorts leg towards your waist and place them there. Be careful when placing the top leg not to twist the crotch area.
  5. Remove any creases to get a better measurement.
  6. Take a measuring tape and measure starting from the seam of your shorts till the hem.
  7. Take the exact measurement so as not to make an error.
  8. Next, measure the outer seam as well. This is the best practice when it comes to shorts.
  9. If the outer of the shorts is not seamed, then measuring the thigh will do.

Tips for Measuring your Shorts Inseam

When ordering your shorts online or making them at home, you need to consider if the hem is above or below your knees, which will change the length of your inseam.

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