Welcome to our guide on how to measure your outseam correctly. 

When measuring your jeans, slacks, dress pants or any other pant, you will first want to know how to measure your inseam. Your outseam measurement can help nail down the exact leg length you need.

Follow these steps below to order the perfect pair of pants online or get them tailor-made. 

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How To Measure Outseam

How To Measure Outseam 

Total Time: 3 min

Cost: $3.59

  • Buy your sewing tape measure for $3.59


  • Sewing measuring tape
this is a photo of sewing measuring tape to measure outseam

1. Start from your hip

Start from the hip and take the measuring tape from the top of the pant line down to where the shoe meets the foot, just below the ankle.

This is a photo of tall paul measuring his outseam from his hip

2. Measure to just below your ankle

Let the measuring tape fall just below your ankle.

3. Add one inch to the number

Add 1″ to your measurement, and this is your outseam measurement.

How to measure outseam: quick tips

  • Wear your pants precisely as you would when wearing them out, sitting the same on your waist.
  • Wear shoes for the most accurate measurement. 
  • Grab a friend to measure the more accurate number.
  • Stand against the wall to get the most upright posture. 

Now that you know how to measure your outseam, learn these other measurements and build perfect fitting wardrobe with our super guide on how to measure clothes.


To measure your outseam and inseam you will first need a sewing tape measure. Your outseam measurement will start from your hip (outside of your leg) while your inseam measurement will start from your inner crotch (inside of leg). Both measurements end just below your ankle.

Your outseam measurement starts at the outside of your hip, while the inseam starts inside your leg at your inner crotch.

Your outseam size will come from taking your outseam measurement. This measurement is made by placing one end of your measuring tape at your hip and the other end just below your ankle. Add one inch to that measurement to get the final size.

To measure the outseam on shorts your start our measurement at the outside of your hip and end the measurement where you want your shorts to end. This will either be below knee or above knee.