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How to Measure Neck Size: Men’s Guide

Learn how to measure your neck size here.

How to Measure Neck Size

Men's Guide

To measure your neck size, place the sewing tape around the neck at the height the collar would usually rest – just below your Adam’s apple. Hold your head in a neutral position while the tape should be resting lightly on the skin, not squeezing it. Wrap the measuring tape fully around your neck.

This is How to Measure Neck Size: Men’s Guide.

Welcome to our guide on showing you how to measure your neck size.

Knowing this measurement will be helpful when shopping for dress shirts or getting one tailored to fit you perfectly. 

Tools needed to measure neck size correctly.

  • Sewing tape measure

How to Measure Neck Size

1. Place tape on neck

Place the measuring tape about one inch from the meeting of your neck and clavicle. 

this is tall paul placing tape on neck

2. Wrap around neck

Wrap the measuring tape fully around the neck, leaving no loose space in-between the neck and the tape.

this is tall paul wrapping tape around neck

3. Connect at the start

Meet back at the start of the tape. This number is your neck size measurement.

this is tall paul connecting tape to start

How to Measure Neck Size: Tips

  • Don’t pull too tightly to create unnecessary tension, just enough so that you are getting an accurate measurement.
  • Make sure the tape is level and not held at an angle.
  • Your dress shirt size will be half an inch bigger than the neck size measurement.
  • Example: Neck measurement is exactly 14 inches (25.5 cm) around, then your dress shirt size will be 14½ inches (36.8 cm).
  • Grab a friend to help if possible.

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How to Measure Neck Size FAQ

No, a 16 inch neck for males isn’t considered big. Adult males will range from 14-19 inches. A larger neck can be due to high quantity of fat on your body or larger neck muscles due to years of body building and physical activity. On the other hand a larger than normal neck can be genetics.

The average males neck size is between 14-19 inches in the USA.

A 15.5 inch neck is not considered small, however it is on the bottom part of the range of size for average males in North America. Most men range from 14 to 19 inches.

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