How To Measure Inseam: Men’s Guide

Being a Tall Man it is important to know how to measure your inseam and know where to find it.

How To Measure Inseam

Men's Inseam

How to measure men’s inseam:

  • Pick out a well fitting pair of pants
  • Lay them down flat
  • Fold the pant legs over on top of each other
  • Lift the top pant toward waist
  • Measure from seam to hem

This is How To Measure Inseam: Men’s Guide.

In this blog, I will tell you all you need to know about what an inseam is, where to find the inseam and how to measure your inseam. By knowing this, you will be one step closer to wearing your clothes in confidence.

Are you a taller guy trying to make an ill fitting pair of jeans work for you or making your pants tighter? We created these guides of the top brands just for this reason.

Knowing where the inseam is on your jeans, shorts, shirt, sweatpants or jacket is a piece of knowledge every tall guy must have. After finding the inseam, the second most important thing to do correctly is measure it.

Having the correct inseam measurements will help you when purchasing clothing online or in a brick-and-mortar store. You will also want to have this information on hand when getting alterations to your clothing or getting a bespoke piece made.

Bespoke meaning, getting something made from scratch that will fit your body perfectly.

The best way to avoid this and find a pair of trousers or shorts to fit you properly; you should be aware of your measurement. The waist, length, and most importantly, the inseam because the first two might fit, but if the inseam is not correct, you may feel uncomfortable every time you put on these new ones you just bought without considering the inseam. Having measurements will especially be vital when purchasing online.

Below you can read what you need to know about measuring your inseam to choose a perfect pair of trousers. You can measure them yourself or take someone’s help to do so.

This is a graphic of tall paul showing where the inseam is

How to Measure Inseam

Pants, trousers or shorts can improve your style, which tells a lot about a person. You shop for them, which can complement your style and make you appealing. But usually, if you are not adequately aware of your measurements, you realize the pants you’re shopping for don’t fit. They may be perfect for your waist, but either it is too long at the hem, or your foot hardly passes the opening of a skinny trouser.

Shopping for a pair can be especially bothersome if you are a tall person, for which most of the retailers don’t cater for all sizes. To help you save time and stress over trying countless pairs on, this is how can measure your inseam to know if a size of pants will fit before trying them on

1. Wear proper pants

Use a pair that fits you best, if you’re doing it at home. The best-fit pair will give you the best result.

This is tall paul wearing a good fitting pair of pants

2. Lay the pants down

Lay it down flat, preferably at a flat surface.

This is a photo of pants laying down

3. Fold pants over

Fold your pants so that each leg is on top of the other.

This is a photo of the pants folded over

4. Lift top pant leg

Lift the top pant towards your waist and place them there. Be careful in placing the top pant as not to twist the crotch area. Also, remove any crease to get a better measurement.

This is a photo of the top pant leg being lifted

5. Start measuring pants inseam

Take a measuring tape and measure starting from the seam of your pants till the hem. Make sure to measure it all the way down along the seam of the pants. Take the exact measurement so as not to make an error.

This is a photo of a sewing tape measuring pants inseam

6. Consider the type of pants or shoes you’re going to wear

Consider the type of pants or shoes you’re going to wear with. If shopping for jeans, above ankles is a good length. If you’re buying jeans, measure for jeans and the same for other types of pants like trousers, slacks, etc.

How to Measure Inseam: Tips

  • Take off your shoes and stand against a wall for a perfect posture for best measurements.
  • In some cases, the tag might mention the inseam on the inside; if it is, you’re good to go; if not, follow the above methods.
  • When going into a tailor to get your inseam measured, it’s best to wear skin-tight pants so that it is easier for the tailor to measure.
  • You can also measure inseam while naked, only wearing underwear, especially for skinny pants or jeans.

Our ‘how to measure’ guides, will set you up for success on any piece of clothing.

Do you have a pair of jeans you need measured? Let our guide How to Measure Inseam on Jeans help you.

What is an Inseam

Are you as confused as I once was with the inseam meaning?

An inseam is a measure of length, starting from where your crotch ends or the uppermost part of your thigh and your ankle starts. It is the measurement of the inner side of your leg starting from your crotch.

The best way to measure an inseam is to measure them on one of your pairs of pants that you feel most comfortable in with a measuring tape. You can always wear your regular shoes to perfect the measurement as the hem of your trousers should end at the right point on the shoes. It can either be at the middle of a heel or just above if you’re wearing a flat shoe.

How to Measure Inseam for Tall Men

Being a Tall Man can be a hassle when looking for your size as they can be few and far between because regular size pairs are catered for the masses. A 36” is more than enough for most tall men. If you need longer or don’t know your correct length, we have you covered with our Sweatpants for Tall Men guide, Joggers for Tall Men guide and Jeans for Tall Men guide.

For example, if you want a pair of straight-leg jeans and are very tall, look for jeans with a 36-inch inseam. The shorter the inseam, the shorter the length of the jean. When looking for a cropped jeans that hit above the ankle, search for 21-30″ inseam jeans, depending on your height.

Meanwhile, for a straight-leg pair that strikes above the ankle, a long inseam pair of jeans is your best bet. For these, look for a jean inseam of at least 27″ and as long as 34″ (again, height-dependent). 

How to Measure Inseam Shorts?

Most of the steps when measuring your inseam on shorts will be the same as when measuring for pants; here are a few unique steps to consider.

  1. Measuring the inseam of a short should be done the same way as with pants.
  2. You need to consider if the hem is above or below your knees, and what type of short your shopping for, is it a casual, for jogging, etc.
  3. In the case of shorts, you should also measure the outer-seam for best results.

We created the article How To Measure Shorts Inseam to make short you find the shorts inseam.

How To Measure Waist

  1. To measure the waist, spread your trousers on a flat surface and measure from end to end.
  2. You can also measure your waist above your hip bone for perfect measurement.

We created the article How to Measure Waist for Pants to make sure you measure the waistband properly.

How to Measure Inseam FAQ

To measure your inseam at home you will need a sewing tape (measuring tape that is loose, used by tailors and seamstresses.) Get a friend or family member to start the measuring tape inside your pant leg at your crotch and run the tape along the seam to the cuff of your pants.

If your 6’7 your inseam is around 36 to 37 inches. However height always doesn’t show up in the legs, so you could be tall but it all be in your waist. Always measure your inseam to be sure of the size.

If you have a 27 inch inseam there is a good chance you are 5’7” or 170cm.

To measure the inseam on your jeans you will want to follow the same steps as you would any other pair of pants. Start with a flexible measuring tape, putting it inside your leg at the crotch. Then measure down the seam all the way to the cuff of your jeans.

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