Welcome to our guide showing you how to measure your arm length. 

You may need to know this for a tailored shirt you’re having made or ordering a jacket online and want to be sure it fits in all areas. 

Alternatively, maybe you need the length for athletic ventures. No matter whatever you need it for, our steps below will give you the answer to your needs. 

Table of Contents

How To Measure Arm Length

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How To Measure Arm Length

Total Time: 10 min

Cost: $3.59

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Supplies & Tools

First, you will want to start by making sure you have these tools needed to measure your arm length.

  • Sewing tape measure
  • A friend
this is a sewing tape measure to measure arm length
Sewing tape measure
this is a friend to help measure arm length
A friend

1. Stand straight with arms relaxed

Stand up straight with your arms relaxed and at your sides, facing away from your friend.

this is a photo of tall paul standing straight to get his arm length

2. Place measuring tape at base of your neck

Place one end of a measuring tape at the base of your neck. Position the measuring tape precisely in the center of your neck to get the most accurate measurement.

this is a photo of a measuring tape being placed at the base of tall pauls neck

3. Run measuring tape over shoulder

Run the tape measure over the shoulder and down your arm. 

this is a photo of the measuring tape being run over tall pauls shoulder

4. Arm length for clothing measurement

Take the tape down to the area just past your wrist bone for clothing measurement. 

this is a photo of a sewing tape measure running down to tall pauls wrist for clothing arm length measurement

5. For full arm length

If it’s not for clothing, then continue measuring to your fingertips if measuring your full arm length. Measure to your fingertips, stretching out your fingers as far as possible

this is a photo of a sewing tape running down to tall pauls middle finger tip for full arm length measurement

How to measure arm length: quick tips

  • Although you can measure your arm length on your own, you will get a better arm length measurement if you have a partner who can take it for you. 
  • Avoid hunching forward or leaning as much as possible, as either may skew your measurement.
  • If you’re taking sleeve measurements, finish measuring where you want the sleeve or shirt cuff to sit.
  • If you’re measuring arm length for fitness-related reasons, you may need to measure past your wrist. 
  • Measure to your fingertips, stretching out your fingers as far as possible

Follow the rest of our guides, in the how to measure clothes super guide, to perfectly measure each area needed to finish off that proper dress shirt or stylish jacket your making.


You can find your arm length by measuring from the base of your neck, down your shoulder, and following along your arm. If you are getting a measurement for clothing, you will want to stop the measuring tape at your wrist. If the measurement is for sports like boxing, then measure down to the end of your middle finger.